August 31, 2008

Book Policy (NT)


Authors, Publishers, Agents:   (modified 11/01/10)

I would be happy to review your books including ARCs.

My favorite genre of books are suspense, mystery, some contemporary romance and/or fiction. I do not read horror, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, historical, erotica, self-help, and/or nonfiction.

Accept EBooks for either a Kindle or Sony EReader.

Will guarantee a certain number of ARCs and/or books per month to be read and reviewed, as previously agreed upon from author/publisher/publicist/agent and myself, according to release date.   ARCs and/or book, that is guaranteed that month's review date, must be delivered within a reasonable amount of time (6-8 weeks) prior to the agreed upon month/date.   If not received in said reasonable time, book will then be put on delivery date reading schedule  (modified 11/01/10)

I would be happy to showcase the author and his/her book in a two (2) part (different date) posting format.  First part/date as a "Guest Author" with press package from agent and Second part/different date posting of my review.

I would be willing to host a "Guest Author" posting on an agreed date with no book review but will need to read snyopsis of book to determine if it is an accepted genre for this type of blog. (modified 11/01/10)

I do not sell any book received. I may, however, pass on the book to relatives, friends and/or donate.

I would be willing to host and participate in giveaways for followers/visitors of my blog.

Would appreciate a synopsis of book so that I can decide if it would be something I am interested in.

If I have a lot of requests, I will notify the contact person as to the approximation of when I would be starting the book.

I will post the review on this site and will also email the contact person that the review has been posted.

I will review every book that I read. I do not speed read nor do I read more than one book at a time. I give the said book my total focus.

Rating system is located on left side bar of my blog along with FTC regulations.

Accepting a book does not guarantee a high rating. It will receive a rating based on my opinion. I will always use constructive criticism, if need be.

I will completely read each book but if for reasons I can't finish (a minimum of 50 pages will be read before this decision will be made), I will state the reasons why and again it will be stated that it is my opinion only.

I will write reviews of the book based on my honest opinion.

Due to FTC regulations, I will also post a disclaimer along with the review.

If you are interested in having me review your book, please

Addendum:  06/2011
I am a partner in Partner In Crimes Tours
A virtual tour PR for authors with books in the genre of mystery, suspense and crime only.
If you have any questions, click on site above or email me at

Hope to hear from you!!


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