November 29, 2009

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Under Construction  and Changes !!!!!!!
With the kindness and help from J.T. at Bibliofreak blog site, she explained what I was doing wrong on my blog and how to fix it.  I had read on one of the many book blogs that I enjoy, that the nicest people are Book Bloggers and that is so true.  I will be formatting my blog differently using J.T.'s suggestion.  Thank you again J.T. for all your help.

BOOK REVIEWS General Blinkies

Eleventh Victim by Nancy Grace  (Rating 1)
This has not happened to me in quite a while.  After reading over 100 pages, I closed the book due to boredom!!!!  What I did manage to read, I found to be fluff and wordy with no suspense grabbing and/or page turning story line.  Quite disappointed but this is only my opinion.

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Having some computer problems so may not be posting daily until it is fixed.   :(

November 27, 2009

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Regarding my Sony Ereader:
Last night I downloaded the 1st book, and will be downloading many more in the future, from my local library.  I think this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!  No fee !!!!!!!!!! It works as if you were to check out books pre digital age.  Six books can be downloaded at a time and this can be done anytime 24/7.  The books will be saved on your reader for approximately 3 weeks, just like if you checked out the books in person.  Also if it is a new release you can put a hold on a title and will receive an email stating the book is ready for d/l.  I am so excited about this feature of the Sony Ereader and this will make blog challenges easier and can enter into a lot more challenges.

BOOK REVIEWS General Blinkies

Run For Your Life by James Patterson (Rating 4.5)
I won this book from Luxury Reading blog site.  Another one of my favorite sites and another site that should be visited.  The link is:
As expected, it was a fast paced and page turning read.  Mr. Patterson has created another likeable character, Det. Michael Bennett and his family of ten (10) adopted children.  Alex Cross has competition with Det. Bennett.  Someone is killing the affluent people of New York and some of the murders take place during the day with witnesses.  What is the link between these victims?  Det. Bennett thinks he has figured out the killer's next target and beefs up security including himself.  He is right except the killer has one more stop to make and that is Det. Bennett's home where the 10 children are!!!
There was only one thing that I found to be unrealistic about this book and will have to reread the reviews of other bloggers.  The killer's weapon are guns and the killings are at close range.  After the murders, he walks by witnesses, down streets, etc, etc and there is no mention that he is covered in blood from the close range of his MO.  I am looking forward to February 2010 when "Worst Case", another Det. Bennett book, will be released.

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Under Construction !!!!!!!!
With the kindness and help from J.T. at Bibliofreak blog site, she explained what I was doing wrong on my blog and how to fix it. I had read on one of the many book blogs that I enjoy, that the nicest people are Book Bloggers and that is so true. I will be formatting my blog differently using J.T.'s suggestions. Thank you again J.T. for all your help.  If you haven't visited her site you really should.  It is great !!! Here is her link:  I will be trying to resize my new blog button. LOL Its quite big...another example of me being computer challenged.  My 1st button's image was removed from photobucket.  And since the one now is the image I use to sign into blogs via google friend connect, I think this image would be much more appropriate.  LOL Wish me luck on this challenge.

November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving all.  I  have so many things to be thankful for.  For my family, my husband, 2 sons and their girlfriends whom I consider my "daughters".  For my entended family and friends.  And to the new friends that I have met through book blogs.  I AM blessed.  Have lots of yummy turkey and sides but not too much, that I won't receive all my newsletters that I look forward to every day.

November 24, 2009

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Great Giveaway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Head on over to Sweeps4bloggers especially if you are like me when it comes to my glasses.  It was hard just to pick one pair.  I either can't find where I put my glasses or my husband takes them by "accident".  One day I searched for my glasses for an hour and then called hubby at work to see if he had seen them,  his response was an oops that he had put them in his pocket.  I used an old, cheap pair that I found.  Couldn't wait for him to get home so I could see.  He had another oops for me...he had sat on them and broke them.  That's why I am excited about this giveaway..I would know that I had a stylish extra pair.

November 22, 2009

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Delightful Sunday morning................
What a nice way to wakeup!!!!  Turned on my computer and poured my 1st cup of coffee, my usual daily routine.  Sat down to read my email, especially all my book blog's newsletters and there I saw "Winner Gate House".  Thank you Vicki at "Reading At The Beach".   I also want to thank her for her kindness and patience with me.  Since I am computer challenged she has been so helpful with me for setting up my blog.  She has a wonderful site and anyone reading this can visit her by clicking on her button which is located here on the left sidebar of my blog.  Again, THANK YOU VICKI.

November 20, 2009

2009/2010 Photobucket

My goal for 2010 was to enter challenges and/or memes.  Thinking I met my challenge.  Just signed up for another one.  J.Kaye's Book Blog is hosting this one, Lisa Jackson's books for 2009-2010!!!!   I have entered as a minimum of 4 or 5, but knowing that her books are page turners, that number will definitely rise.  Recently read "Chosen To Die" and had a hard time putting it down.  Thank you J.Kaye for hosting and all the great reviews.  My TBR list has grown due to my favorite blogs' reviews

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Another Challenge !!!!!!!
Just signed up for my 2nd challenge hosted by Book Chick City. Am definitely looking forward to it. Starts 01/2010 thru 12/2010 and it consists of reading 12 mystery/suspense books (my favorite genre of reads). After the hustle & bustle of the holidays and since I hibernate in the winer (lol) this is going to be fun. Curled up with my afghan, a cup of tea and a good book.....definitely a great challenge!!!