January 23, 2011

Sunday Misc (2 of 2)


Murphys Law..I have decided that from this point on, I will not be announcing any mini challenges that I sign up never fails, whenever I do, real life has a tendency to interfere. Yesterday,  I think we (hubby and myself)  had a  total of 2-3 hours to ourselves, the rest of the day, we were tending to and taking care of the responsibilities and business of being a sole "early baby boomer".  So not much got done on this front.
Progress report:  Not much accomplished.
*Did organize some of my folders.
*Did read up on Favicon and Gravatars  (did find a favicon, read and reread the directions...but computer language.....GINA!!!!  HELP!!! now I need to get it to the top of the page lol).
*Copied and pasted a lot of sites that I plan on using as references in the future since there are so many ideas and tips that I want to learn about.  I plan on this Bloggiesta being year long and tackling a project at least one a month!!!
Hosted by Michelle from The True Book Addict
Progress report: Status quo the same..Did not open my EBook yesterday


Misha said...

I still don't understand Favicon and Gravatars after reading so much about them :P