August 13, 2011

A Bit Of Me


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This week's question:  What’s one activity you’re looking forward to or that you’ve already done this summer?
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First a caveat about Italian families if you aren't familiar.  Close friends are considered family.  And in 3 weeks, there is a wedding, my bff's son.  I met her when our oldest sons started HS together and both families became very close and have been friends ever since.  My oldest son, Paul, is in the wedding party, and my youngest son, Mark is coming home for the wedding and staying for the week.  We haven't seen Mark since March so we are definitely looking forward to that.

However, last week, the Groom-to-be severely injured his arm, which has resulted in the need for major surgery asap, which is scheduled for this week, 2 weeks before the wedding.  He will be in complete immobilization for the day of the wedding.  They had plans to go to Hawaii on their honeymoon, which they have decided to cancel.  I am so upset for the kids.  Can you imagine?  Planning for a year, the gown, pictures, the venue, the band, etc etc and then this.  And of course, it's his right hand so the poor kid is worried as to how will he put the ring on his bride, or how will he shake hands, or even dance with his new wife and Mom.  My bff and I, over this past year, have talked about all the tears we will shed, for happiness and for seeing these boys grow into men, and then this. 

But it will still be a beautiful wedding.  And the important thing is that they are entering into this marriage for all the right reasons and the vows they declare before God, will be taken seriously.  And the best part, both our families will be together to celebrate this union.  Three weeks and counting!!


Marce said...

What a touching sad story but the day will be beautiful I'm sure. I think postponing honeymoon was best decision.

Enjoy all the moments with your family and friends.

bermudaonion said...

It is sad that he won't be able to use his right hand, but thank heavens it was just his arm that was hurt. I'm sure the wedding will still be lovely and they go to Hawaii later.

Alyssa from Top Ten Books said...

I'm sure they love each other and wedding is just a ceremony, it doesn't have to do anything with the life itself.