November 27, 2009

BOOK REVIEWS General Blinkies

Run For Your Life by James Patterson (Rating 4.5)
I won this book from Luxury Reading blog site.  Another one of my favorite sites and another site that should be visited.  The link is:
As expected, it was a fast paced and page turning read.  Mr. Patterson has created another likeable character, Det. Michael Bennett and his family of ten (10) adopted children.  Alex Cross has competition with Det. Bennett.  Someone is killing the affluent people of New York and some of the murders take place during the day with witnesses.  What is the link between these victims?  Det. Bennett thinks he has figured out the killer's next target and beefs up security including himself.  He is right except the killer has one more stop to make and that is Det. Bennett's home where the 10 children are!!!
There was only one thing that I found to be unrealistic about this book and will have to reread the reviews of other bloggers.  The killer's weapon are guns and the killings are at close range.  After the murders, he walks by witnesses, down streets, etc, etc and there is no mention that he is covered in blood from the close range of his MO.  I am looking forward to February 2010 when "Worst Case", another Det. Bennett book, will be released.