March 13, 2010

Saturday #3 Wish List


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I am a big James Patterson fan.  I need to catch up with the series before I buy this one though.   I won 7th Heaven from Bookin' With Bingo's blog and was so excited.  My son's gf, who is my book buddy and another Patterson fan gave me a GC to the Sony EReader Library, and I plan on buying this one and another one to complete the series.   And will read once I get caught up with my review books.

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Darlyn said...

i love james patterson! this one must be great too.. =P

CMash said...

darLyN: The only problem I have with his books is that he writes faster than I can read lol

Lori said...

James Patterson is one of the few fiction writers I would read. But I am taking a break from him after reading Witch and Wizard, I have to let the "What was he thinking" taint wear off. Then I might go back to reading his books again. Enjoy your book when you get it.Here's mine.