March 31, 2010




XmasDolly said...

Oh my, is that how long I'm not going to hear from you? Is everything going down now? Is your son there yet? Oh my! You're in prayers baby girl! Chin up remember! You'll be just fine. Oh, thanks for stopping at my blog and your family better stop copying my family! Hmmm You sure we ain't sisters in a parallel universe???? {{HUGS}}

CMash said...

Yes, preparations are starting. Mark arrived Monday. Not sure why, but am not anxious as I thought I would be. I think that it is from a few things being I see an end to this daily excruciating pain and that I have been contacted by so many caring people offering prayers that I feel the peace and comfort of His arms embracing me. But am sure by Sunday I will be a basket case!!!! Thank goodness for Valium lol