November 30, 2010

Award (3 of 4)

It has happened again....and the feeling never changes.  I still get excited and feel warm and fuzzy when someone leaves me that little message..."I have an award for you".   I guess it's because I still can't believe there are people who really like my blog, a blog that began as a personal journal.

Teresa, from Diary of a Domestic Goddess (don't you just love her blog's name....I do!!!) presented me with this award on Friday.  If you haven't visited before, please stop by, visit a bit and say hi.
Now for the criteria that comes along with accepting this award, however, I am going to take a little liberty and make some changes.  (am running out of things to tell you about myself lol)
Here are the rules:

Share 7 5 things about myself
Pass the award to 15 5 bloggers recently discovered
Notify the blogger recipients
Link to the blogger who gave the award

1.  The happiest time of my life was during my boys' childhoods.  Our house was always the "house to go to and hangout".  During the summer, their friends were here every single day having fun in the pool (hubby couldn't understand why the grocery bill was so much money but had to have pickies, pizza, soda, etc etc.)  I loved it!!!!
2.  Always wished I could sing4.  I am terrified of heights

3.  I'm a crier..happy, sad, whatever the situation, I cry.

5.  I am a Nervous Nelly and worry too much...working on changing that!!

I am now passing the torch to: (in no particular order):

The Caffeinated Diva Reads


Carol E Wyer said...

Oh my! I was blown away when I read your message on my blog. I am absolutely thrilled that you have thought my mad little blog worthy of this award and I shall come and collect it later when I have organised some security guards to protect me from muggers and some cleaning fluid to keep it shiny. Seriously, thank you so very much for giving this award to me. I'm off to brag to Hubby who will no doubt roll his eyes. A grateful and heartened Carol from Facing 50

Empty Nester said...

Thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate it! Now, to pass it on!

Unknown said...

Congrats recipients!
You, too, CMash! It couldn't have gone to a more versatile blogger! :P

bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on your award! Our house was the hang-out during our son's high school years as well. When his friends started to drive, we could always count on the doorbell ringing around dinner time. I became a pro at stretching a meal, but it always made for a good time!

Kim @ The Caffeinated Diva said...

Aw, thanks! I appreciate this! Now time to pass on the love!

Jackie said...

Congratulations Cheryl and congratulations to the recipients as well... You and I have the crying thing in common, happy tears sad tears nervous tears, I cry about everything and nothing!

jackie >_<

Aisle B said...

congrats on the award! Now I know what to send virtually to you... KLEENEX! ;)

Carol said...

Congrats Cheryl!

We have more in common than I realised.
I cry when I am happy, sad or angry. I cry a lot! :)

...and if I dont have sommat to worry about I worry for someone else, it drives my partner mad along with the crying! :)