November 4, 2010

Thursday Memes


Before getting to today's memes, I want to thank my fantasic and fabulous friends who thought and told me to do all memes on one were is much easier and takes up less time.  So a BIG thank you!!!  Happy Thursday!!! 


Today's Question:
I’ve seen many bloggers say that what draws them to certain books or authors is good writing, and what causes them to stop reading a certain book or author is bad writing. What constitutes good writing and bad writing to you?
My Answer:
  Good question!!  I just had this happen.  I picked up the next book in line from my request pile, liked the synopsis, liked the title and then started to read.  Fifty + pages and had to put it in the DNF pile.  It was very wordy, and in my opinion rambling at times.  I still hadn't been pulled into the story line by the 50+ pages.  Picked up the next book, same thing, good synopsis, good title, started reading and was hooked by the first page and a half.
  If I can't connect with the characters, storyline and/or visualize the scenes through the author's written words by the first 50 pages, then I can almost guarantee it will end up a not so good and/or a DNF.  I used to have 100 pages as my cut off point, but an author told me that a reader should be "hooked" within the first few pages. 


Hosted by Lori from Dollycas's Thoughts
From Lori's site:
We depend on each other for book reviews, giveaways, encouragement, friendship, but how well do we really know each other?  So that is what this meme is all about, getting to know each other.

Did you vote on Tuesday?
  As I hang my head in shame and shake it no, I didn't.  First time that ever happened, I swear!!  Since I am still not allowed to drive and hubby didn't leave work until very late, he went straight to the polls and just made it himself.
Where do you get news about what's happening in the world? (Newspapers, Internet, Local Television Stations, Cable News, etc.)
Morning routine includes booting up computer, grabbing coffee mug and turning on TV first for local news then to a cable news station, which stays on all day, just in case there is breaking news (have done this ever since 9/11).  I also subscribe to CNN Breaking News for my computer.
Do you read in bed before you go to sleep?
Most of the time, but lately no, by the time hubby gets home, we eat, clean up, talk, we are asleep by the time our heads hit the pillows.


Bev Hankins said...

I probably give books too much of a chance--especially with books I've bought. I keep thinking it'll get better. Maybe I should get a little more cut-throat and use the 50 page rule too. I am better at not finishing books than I used to be....I used to always finish them no matter what. Here's my BTT:

Unknown said...

I like your answer, and it is so true. Read my #1 reason.

Happy BTT!

Bev Hankins said...

Thanks for your kind words about my blog posts. As a matter of fact....I have a mystery novel in progress. One of these days, perhaps you'll be reviewing me. (lol)

Unknown said...

If I'm not interest by about page 50 I'll put it down. It's not a hard and fast rule for it's just usually when I give up. Though I will admit that if it's a book I'm reviewing for someone instead of a book I got myself I'll try to hang in there longer and try to find things I enjoy about the book.
Yup, I voted. It's something that is important to me -- not complain unless you're willing to step up.
My news mostly comes from the internet -- many sites!
I don't usually read in bed. hubby likes to watch tv to relax in the eve after the kids are in bed so I sit with him (periodically jumping up to do laundry or other things I forgot) but I read since I don't really care for tv. But if I'm not tired when it's bedtime I'll take my book to bed and try to put it done -- or hope it's almost the end.

Unknown said...

OHH - I just noticed that you're reading blind man's bluff!! I can't wait to get to that!!

I'm also very happy that you've moved to one post!! Enjoy your extra time reading!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent answer.

Here’s mine:

bermudaonion said...

Good writing is hard to describe because it's different for everyone.

I did vote, but have to tell you the choices here were dismal.

Gigi Ann said...

The last book I read was so boring, I finally skimmed the last 150 pages, and only read the parts about the main characters, and that was just to see how their lives ended, together or apart. It was way to wordy, and wandered from here to there the storyline would go off to something else and back 50 pages or so later ~~ then back. I was determined to finish the book, but, decided it was a waste of my time. I finally gave up, and as I said skimmed through the last 150 pages.

Alayne said...

Rambling is definitely a sign of bad writing. Nice answer. Check out my What Were They Thinking?! post this week at The Crowded Leaf.

dollycas aka Lori said...

The post together are great!!! I was terribly upset by the election outcome in Wisconsin but it out of my hands so we will have to wait and see.

I have a stinkers pile for books I could not finish, I don't know what to do with them, a few are really awful that I surely don't want to pass them along but throwing a book away goes against every feeling I have. lol

Trish said...

I just had that happen as well - went through three books to find one I liked. I guess I need to spend a bit more time vetting them before I check them out of the library!

Here's my BTT.

Barbara H. said...

I think some sense of connectedness or being drawn in to the story is a big factor.

Unknown said...

50 pages seems to be the norm for someone to know if they are going to continue or not. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Good writing is not boring, and peaks your interest, throughout the book.

Bad writing is when a book doesn't have substance & doesn't appeal to the reader in many ways.

Marce said...

I don't have a 50/100 page rule, I go off of my mood and most times can get through if I give up I walk away really feeling like I tried.

I'm not American so no voting here.

I do not enjoy news, it is depressing.

I love reading at night, that is my 99% time of reading, sometimes it takes long to read because I am here blogging like now, not enough time for my favourite things with a full time job and toddler.

Carol said...

I would love to have at least an hour at night reading in bed but my poor eyes wont let me! When I do get a chance reading sends me to sleep in about half hour! LOL

enjoy ur weekend!