November 15, 2010

Product Review

You may remember a while back that I told you that we had become empty nesters and decided to makeover one of the rooms to be my office/library.  At the same time CSN Stores had contacted me about their site, and since I needed a sturdy desk chair because of my back, I purchased an ergonomic desk chair from

Since the time I received my chair, hubby was a bit jealous that he didn't have one for his computer work area.  If you knew my DH, you would know that he never, ever goes and despises to shop.   But since he could shop, right from home, without going out, he went to the CSN Stores site and went shopping.  He decided that this model of desk chair was the one he wanted and purchased.
He patiently waited for his ergonomic leather desk chair and it was delivered approximately within a week.  He got right to work at the installation process, which he said was easy and with the help of the detailed instructions, took very little time.  Once it was all put together, he settled in and tried it out.  He loved it!!!!  He tells me it is very sturdy and comfortable.  You may have noticed that I said "he tells me" lol because he has made it very clear that this one is HIS chair.  He did, however, allow me to sit in it and try it out and it is everything he says.  However, the CSN Stores site has turned my husband into a shopping monster since there are so many products and he has his eyes on quite a few items.  Now, not only me, but hubby too, recommend this is the site to do your one stop shopping.
     His rating for his new chair:  5/5


This chair was purchased by my husband along with a CSN GC


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