December 19, 2010

Book Review "Pathological"

Pathological by Vincent Zandri
Published by StoneHouse Ink
ISBN-13: 2940011815508
ISBN: 0011815507
At the request of the author, an EBook edition was downloaded, purchased by me, for my honest opinion.
  Synopsis (borrowed from B&N): The serial killer takes on many guises. But what happens when you unknowingly take him as your most trusted and loyal husband? Pathological is proof that even though you think you know your spouse inside and out, you might not really know him at all.
  My Thoughts and Opinion: This was my 2nd introduction to a "digital short" read. However, not my first introduction to this author. I have read and reviewed his previous novels, Moonlight Falls and The Remains, both being phenomenal suspense/thriller reads. And, even though it was a short story, Pathological, didn't disappoint this reader. It was true Vincent Zandri writing!! A short story that grabs you from the first few words to the last. Another page turner!! I honestly am having trouble describing what it was like to read this. When I finished reading the last word, I just sat, wondering if I even took a breath, while reading this chilling story. What I do know, is that Mr. Zandri is a genius at writing thrillers,even with short stories!! It left me with wanting to read more of his work!! Brilliant!!!
This EBook was purchased by me.
ADDENDUM:  Since January 2010, I have read and reviewed all books in the order received.  However, I am giving myself an early Christmas present and have taken the liberty of choosing a book out of sequence for my next read, which is the The Innocent by same author, Vincent Zandri.


Unknown said...

Sounds like something that I would love to read!! Great review CMash!! =)

Marce said...

Exactly :-) I read this first to try him out after your revies, guest posts etc and LOVED IT, immediately read Remains, he is definitely an author I look forward to reading more by. I downloaded Innocence or Innocent, oops can't remember but VincentZ is quickly becoming a favourite author of mine due to you Cheryl, so thanks.

Julie P said...

Very nice, Cheryl! Hope you enjoy your "early Christmas present"! LOL

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Oh Cheryl...this sounds like a good one; thanks for bringing it to my attention.