December 22, 2010



Over the past month or so, if you follow this blog, you know that besides books, I also LOVE challenges.  This past year, from reading so many excellent reviews, my personal tbr bucket list has grown.  And I expect 2011 to be no different.  But in 2011, we want to give those bloggers, that write the phenomenal reviews, recognition.   SO.............Gina, from Hott Books,   Julie from Reading Without Restraint and myself are cohosting a challenge for just that.  We hope that you will help us recognize those bloggers that write the reviews for the books that we read.  We are also planning some fun giveaways too.  Gina has created a site just for this challenge, so we hope that you head on over, sign up and join us in the fun!!!   So....drumroll......introducing our 2011 Challenge:


The Three R's is a collaboration of the minds of Cheryl from CMash Loves to Read, Julie from Reading with Restraint, and Gina from Hott Books. The ideas, the creativity, and the technology - respectively. We're each putting forth what we can do to spring this to life.

It all started because Cheryl wanted to remember the bloggers who write the reviews that begin our journey to a new book, new series, or new author. Every day each of us reads the reviews of others shaping our TBR lists. Then we occasionally remember to note them in our post but, more often than not, we completely forget about the reviews that brought us to the wonderful book we've just read.

So this challenge is for them!

We'd like to link our reviews that mention the blogger that suggested the book we've read and are now reviewing.

How thankful are you?

1-6 Books (~1 review every 2 months)
7-12 Books (~1 reviews every month)
13-24 Books (~ 2 reviews every month)

We're not making this a difficult challenge, actually, it's going to be very simple!

Write a starting post stating how thankful you plan to be in the upcoming year and link it to the linky we'll have on the starting post.

Read a book recommended to you by another blogger. (This book can be a crossover from another challenge.)

Review the book & Recognize the blogger who recommended it to you.

Recommend the Book in our Recommend linky by linking your review post naming the blogger who recommended the book to you.

Easy, right? Who wants to be in on the fun?

What else will we be doing?
We'll have quarterly giveaways for our participants to enter and unannounced special drawings for commenters on the site so be sure to leave your email address with your comment!

Challenge will run from January 1st 2011 to December 31st, 2011

And don't forget to tell your friends!!!!!


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Julie P said...


Marce said...

I am so in. I keep track of every book I put in my LibraryThing account when I took it from a bloggers recommendation or review.

This is and another will be my last for challenges. I don't want to become addicted and need Book AA like other people, hint hint, lmao :-)

dollycas aka Lori said...

Sounds like fun, I'm in, I wish I could remember who recommended all the books on my TBR pile this will make me note who and pay attention!

Thanks for the wonderful challenge.


Nise' said...

Great idea for a challenge. I'm in!

Carol said...

Great idea!

So often I read a great book that was recommended to me and, by then, I cannot remember who it was.
Must amend that

Happy Christmas Cheryl.

Carol said...

Have signed up! :)