December 1, 2010

Guest Author and International Giveaway (posting 1 of 2)

Today, on behalf of Phenix & Phenix Publicity, I have the honor to introduce an inspirational author to you, as he tells us about his debut book.  Please help me welcome Lenny Emanuelli to my blog.

Lenny Emanuelli
Inspiration behind At the Crossroads of Terror
By Lenny Emanuelli
   My first novel, At the Crossroads of Terror, came from a lifetime of personal experiences and interests. The original inspiration came from the touching true story a survivor of sexual assault shared with me. Before writing this novel, I was a songwriter and musician. I always tried to write songs with lyrics that would touch the listener's heart, and this woman’s ordeal deeply touched mine. Included in my novel almost
verbatim, her unbelievable story is one I will never forget.
   Her personal experience stirred my memory and brought me back to a night in the 1970s when I witnessed a horrific sexual assault. Leaving a NYC disco in the early morning hours with a band mate, we came across a young lady being violently assaulted by a gang of thugs. We managed tostop the attack by frightening them off and getting her help. I will never forget her mental and physical appearance after that attack—the look on her face was dreadful.
   These emotional stories inspired me to research true crimes of gang violence and capture them in the details of my novel. I decided to donate a portion of the profits to an organization helping such victims, which led me to RAINN (
   My book is fiction, a story I made up somewhere between a childhood fear and a winter’s nightmare. However, the violence described is real and occurs somewhere in the United States every two minutes. I hope At the Crossroads of Terror brings to the forefront some of the real life violence that takes place in every American city today and reminds us that we, as a civilized nation, have the means to put an end to it.
About the book
A suspense thriller that tackles the gritty reality of sexual assault, At The Crossroads of Terror follows an average Joe wrongly accused of murder and a street reporter, who team up to prove his innocence and
become immersed in the dangerous underworld of organized crime. The back of the book includes helpful prevention tips and a list of help hotlines for sexual assault victims. Visit for more information.


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Unknown said...

WOW. What a scary ordeal. I'm glad that one more woman was saved from a vicious attack! I just wish there were less attacks.
Thanks for hosting, CMash! It's an intriguing book - I'll not be able to stomach it but I'm sure many others will.