March 26, 2011

Saturday Memes



Hosted by Danielle at There's A Book
From Danielle's blog:
We all leave our “footprint” on the world, in one way or another. We each, individually, do something or are someone that makes the world a little better just by being here. I created this weekly meme to get to know the blogging community I love just a bit better. To know what makes them tick, outside of books, that is. Each week I will post a question to be answered in the following week’s “A Bit of Me(Me)”. Check back each Saturday to get the info for next week’s post and link up with your current post right here.
This week's question:  Would you bungee jump, go hang gliding, jump out of a plane, etc? Which one and why? If not, how come?
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When I saw today's question, two words came to mind.........NO WAY.  I have such a fear of heights.  I even have trouble driving over bridges.  I remember when we took the boys to the water parks at Disney World in Florida and Busch Gardens in Virginia, I was more frightened of climbing the rickety steps to get to the top of the platform than the actual ride.  This is a calmer example of what I am like when it comes to heights...I am such a WIMP!!!

Hosted by Yvonne from Socrates Book Reviews
From Yvonne's site:
I've wanted to start a meme like this for a long time. It's "Anything Goes on Saturday". It's a chance to choose any topic you want and talk about it on Saturday - it can be about a book, TV show, movie, a recipe or just an update on your week. Whatever you choose.
Today's Topic:  Kindles
Well...I took the plunge.  I have been saving my GC and purchased a Kindle.  However, it's been a hectic week in the "real life" department and haven't even had a chance to set it up and play with it.  Hubby had surprised me last year, when we found out that I needed the 2 back operations, with a Sony EReader (he is a big fan of Sony products).  I like it but it does have some negative features, a big one being the battery life.  Hoping by this weekend, I will have it up and running.
So my question today is to those that own a Kindle....any tips, tricks, your thoughts, the positives and negatives you have found with your Kindle.


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Congrats on your Kindle! I've owned one for a little over a year now, and I can honestly say it's my favorite gadget of all time! I still read paperback and hardback books, but I take my Kindle everywhere. Be sure to Sync and Check For New Items once and awhile, because that's how you get updates (now you can highlight and tweet quotes directly from your Kindle). For awhile I was able to download my NetGalley books to my Kindle, but at the moment that feature isn't available, but I'm hoping it comes back soon. I can't imagine that you won't love your Kindle, and I can't wait to see a post after you get hooked!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I had to giggle at your images on the "flight" question...Yes, indeed. Fear of flying (and heights) is me, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I see your question about Kindle...I got one for Christmas, and so far, I'm loving it. I have had to recharge it about once a month. I figured out how to create collections, so once I finished a book, I could put it in a collection (books read in 2011, e.g.), and then it isn't showing up on a long list of books. I love the ease of ordering books from Amazon...and having them there in seconds! Have fun!

Misha said...

I am terrified of heights too! I have never done anything remotely adventurous involving jumping from a great height.

Nise' said...

No jumping over or out of anything for me, but because of my bad back!!

No Kindle help from me, but I am interested in hearing the pros and cons of it as well as the Nook.

Carol said...

Congrats on getting a Kindle! You must tell us what you think of it.

I am with you on heights, and deep water.
I had a panic attack crossing the millenium bridge in London which has no brick walls.

I am informed we have a couple of big bridges to cross in Scotland in a few weeks time. Looking forward to that!


Crystal (I totally paused!) said...

I'm not really afraid of heights or anything, but I don't have any interest in jumping out of planes, bungee jumping, etc. I picked something more along the lines of what interests me:

Bookluvr Mindy said...

Hello! I am new to your blog and I am now a follower. Will you follow me at

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Congrats. Sooo fun. I love your blog btw. It is darling!

I'm following.

Julie P said...

I would NEVER do anything that extreme either, Cheryl! Crazy....

Congrats on the Kindle. Hopefully "real life" can get back to normal soon and you can have some time to relax!

Yvonne said...

Congrats on your Kindle! I have a Nook, so I know nothing about the Kindle but I'm sure you'll love an ereader. I know I do :)

gautami tripathy said...

I don't own a e-reader. So can't help. And I would like to know about it too, in case I decide to go for one in near future...

Here is my Anything Goes On Saturday post!

The1stdaughter said...

You and Laurel-Rain crack me up this week! I had to agree though on the fear of flying over water, for some reason I'm definitely terrified of that. It might be because I'm terrified of sharks as well. Who knows? Silly, I know. ;o)

Yay! Congrats on getting an eReader! I love love love mine! I didn't think I would because I really love print books, but it's been heavenly to have. I can take so many more books with me where ever I go and I love being able to read at night (mine's got a back light, so I don't even need a book light). It's be wonderful! I hope you love it!