March 3, 2011

Thursday Memes (2 of 2)


This week's question:
Do you cheat and peek at the ends of books? (Come on, be honest.)

My answer:
Honestly.....No...Not Now!!!    I read purely for pleasure and entertainment so I don't understand what purpose peeking would have.  But as I'm sitting here thinking about this question, there may have been times, while in school many years ago, that I skimmed through the body and peeked at the ending of a mandatory book that was of no interest to me. 

Hosted by Lori from Dollycas's Thoughts
From Lori's site:
It struck me recently how much time I spend on this computer every day, blogging, chatting or playing games on Facebook, emailing friends and relatives, making cards and calendars, etc. etc. etc.
We depend on each other for book reviews, giveaways, encouragement, friendship, but how well do we really know each other?
So that is what this meme is all about, getting to know each other.
1. How many cookbooks do you own?
I own 7+ but my favorite is a spiral notebook filled
with my grandmother's recipes written in her handwriting,
she passed away at 101 years old and was such a
great cook and baker, everything from scratch
2. What is the most used electrical appliance in your kitchen?

3. How many nights per week do you have take-out, delivery or fast food?
Unfortunately, more times than I cook.  It is
difficult for me to stand, bend, etc etc due to
the restrictions/limitations from the surgery.  I
am lucky that I have an understanding hubby.


Gigi Ann said...

I agree, I never peek at the endings, I think it would spoil any surprise endings. We eat lunch out each day, but not supper.

Thanks for visiting my BTT and

Carol said...

What a wonderful cookbook, handed down thru the generations.


Nise' said...

I don't peek at the ending either. Don't want to ruin the reading experience.

Anonymous said...

sometimes I do look ahead, but don't consider it cheating.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I don't like to spoil the's MY BOOKING THROUGH THURSDAY POST

bermudaonion said...

No peeking for me, either. I cook more often than I want to.

Sally said...

I usually always peek at the ending but I could never skim a book.

kavyen said...

I don't peek either.. I find it ridiculous when people do.

dollycas aka Lori said...

I never peek and try to not even read the back cover if I know the author.

Your cookbook is a super special gift and I love you pics this week, Kaden and I just had a wonderful conversation about tossing pizza crust. lol

Yvonne said...

I don't peek at the endings. Since I love mysteries and suspense books, it would really ruin things for me.

Shawn said...

I also answered refrigerator! Your Grandma's recipe folder is a treasure that can be passed down to generations to come. I have both my Mothers and Grandmothers recipe boxes that are in their hand writing.

Hannah Marie said...

How neat to have a notebook with your grandmother's recipes. My mom has one recipe card from my grandmother with her favorite, grits souffle, written on it. She passed away several years ago, so her neat, quirky handwriting is dear to me. So awesome to have a notebook to pass down to the next generation.