April 11, 2011

Monday Memes

Hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading
This week's question:
If you’re a mood reader, what (genre) do your moods usually call you to read?

My answer:
From my HS days, I was always drawn to romance/suspense books, which I can say I read for quite a while.  Then my reading took a turn to strictly mystery/suspense and if there was a bit of romance, that was a bonus.  And today, I have branched out even more, whereas my first draws are still mystery/suspense, but am also enjoying romantic suspense, chick lit, contemporary romance, and even a few true life stories in the way of bios and/or memoirs.  I do know, however, that I am still not ready for PNR and/or UF.

Ironically, I recently modified my "review policy" because I was reading books as I received them.  After a year of this schedule, I found that I was not enjoying the "reading for pleasure" process.  I felt that I was reading like a robot.  Now, I still have a separate "requested review" shelf in my bookcase, and choose the next book to read depending on my mood and have found that I am reading more each month and back to why I read....for pleasure, enjoyment and entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I have a copy of EMILY AND EINSTEIN packed away that I'm excited about reading later. Hope you enjoy your treasures!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy those books! Can't wait to see your reviews of them :-) Here's my Mailbox Monday

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hope you are having a good week! I dont think I am a mood reader but do need to switch from heavy to light reads so I dont bog down :)

Unknown said...

Yeah, it sucks when reading starts becoming a chore.
Here's mine:

caite said...

I like my mysteries straight uo, hold the romance please..or just a tiny bit. I do try to mix my reading up a bit, but push come to shove, I fall back on my murderers and serial killer every time.

Kaye said...

Ooh, I hear you, Tootsie,loud and clear on the UF thing. Don't think I'll ever be ready for that genre. Have a great week and happy reading!

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

Emily and Einstein looks like a cute read. I hope you enjoy all three books.

Mystica said...

Emily and Einstein is the one I am particularly interested in.

bermudaonion said...

I'm glad you found a way to get your reading groove back. It is difficult to read when everything feels like an assignment.

Rebecca said...

I have definitely also found that as I get older, I have branched out more! Enjoyed reading your post...check out my Musing Mondays post if you have time!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Your mailbox books look good!

Carol said...

Enjoy ur reading week.

I seem to be getting more books read in a month than I used to. Practice makes perfect :)