April 3, 2011

Sunday's Shining Star

I would like to explain how this came to fruition. Hubby and I were having a discussion about the old days, (for the young'ens reading this..a little history lesson) but before the dark age. When Sundays were special and had traditions and rituals. Sunday mornings Church, come home to a big gravy (sauce) cooking on the stove, a big Sunday dinner, then either off to visit relatives/friends or wait for relatives/friends to drop by. We would spend the afternoon sitting around the table, talking, catching up, having coffee, pizza, calzones, etc etc, dessert. And now, how sad, all those traditions are gone. And then I got to thinking, why not have something similar here on my blog. This past year, I have met so many amazing and wonderful people (some I now call friends) through blogging, and how I am in awe of what they do and accomplish. How much respect I have for them, for their honesty, integrity, credibility and so enjoy when a bit of their personality shines through. So every Sunday, here at my place, the coffee will be on, the dessert is on the table and friends will be stopping by. And I will be rolling out the red carpet for my Sunday Shining Star Blogger guest.
I was told when I first found this community of book blogging that "book bloggers were the nicest bloggers there are" and I have never forgotten those words. And over the past year, I have truly met the nicest people. I also believe, even though we live behind a screen, a bit of our personality shines through. That is one of the reasons I am having so much fun with this weekly event, and hoping you are too, because we are getting to know those "nicest bloggers" around and about bloggyland a little bit better.

I hope you have your overnight bag packed because today I thought we would do a little traveling.  Lori, (aka Dollycas's Thoughts) hubby's, Jeff, will also be coming along and is in charge of carrying our luggage lol.  Since this month there is the big wedding "across the pond" what better place to visit.  And in the UK is a very pleasant and sweet blogger.  If you don't already know her, I would like you to meet her.  Today my guest is CAROL from DIZZY C's LITTLE BOOK BLOG.

*When and why did you start blogging?
I am a newbie. I have only been blogging since Friday 16th July,2010 with a post entitled "Here goes".

It read "I have been reading other peoples' reading blogs for a while now and decided to take the plunge with my own. I get my ideas for books to read mainly from book forums and blogs."
I decided that it was a great community that I wanted to be part of and I could share my reads with others.

*How and what made you decide on the name of your blog?
DizzyC is a nickname I have adopted at home. My partner calls me Dizzy at times because I can be forgetful, repeat myself often, clumsy, and repeat myself often! :)
C of course for Carol. The Little book blog came about because it was little at the time LOL

*What would you say is the main content of your blog?
My main content should be book related. I do have to remind myself of this sometimes as I tend to rant about the family a lot. Book news, reviews, and book memes.

My youngest AJ has a little feature on there, I do share a little about the family but keep them anon. I just don't think I have enough on books or family alone to split the two at the moment.

*If books, what genres do you mostly read?
Like my Dizzy nature I cannot decide my favourites when it comes to books, tv and music. I love a mish-mash. My main genres are popular fiction, historical fiction, women's fiction and chick-lit.

*How often do you post?
This depends on family. There are times when I can blog every day and then sometimes only 3 or 4 times a week. I try not to go more than a few days else I might lose followers!.

*What are some of the things that you love about blogging?
Being a stay at home mum (at the moment) can be lonely. I love the community. I love to see what others are blogging about and join in with comments on their blogs.

By the same token I love to blog and receive comments.

*What are some of the negatives?
Time consuming! Bloggers block. I am increasingly finding myself in a queue somewhere or at the cooker racking my brains for the next blog instalment!


*Name 1-3 favorite items/postings that you have/do on your blog?
I do love AJ's posts. They are fun (for me), hope others enjoy them too.

I have my own personal challenge going and hope that will interest my blogging friends from over the pond. I am reading UK and Ireland books thru the ages and
reviewing these books.

*Any advice you would give to new bloggers?
Have a good look around other blogs in your subject matter. Check out the forums and groups they use. These can be helpful.

There are blog tutorials out there to help you find your way around setting up your blog.

Don't worry that some blogs look bigger and more professional. Soon your blog will grow with the community. there are still blogs bigger and more professional than mine :)

Be yourself, that is what attracts followers. I had a post on my blog early on. I was worried about my English accent being a problem in a mainly American blog world to begin with.

*What draws you to follow someone's blog?
Firstly, common interests. Then content - an easy to navigate blog with labels or page prompts and not too many gadgets is just right for me.

*Would you plase share 5-7 things about the person behind the screen so that we get to know the "real" you!!
1. I want to go back to college. I am envious of my daughter who is choosing her options for Sixth Form at school. I want to go back and take English Lit and Travel and Tourism!

2. I live in black. It drives my partner mad. I just cannot bring myself to wear much colour. What I wear gives me confidence. I know the old saying that black is a colour to hide behind but black gives me confidence. I do wear a few colour tops and jeans but most of my trousers and skirts are black.

3.I still live in the town I was born in. The furthest I have ever lived away from here is 7 miles. I live 2 streets from the hospital I was born in. I do need to get out more and see more of the UK and the world!

4. The first time I travelled abroad and went on an aeroplane was at the age of 41. All thanks to my wonderful partner. I was married before for 16years and my ex husband never thought once of taking me abroad.

5.My favourite film era is the 1940's, I love Bette Davies, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn.

6.I would love to have straight, shiny hair. My curly hair is natural, I wouldnt pay good
money for it to look this messy!

*Any other info you would like to share.
I have ranted on long enough. I don't want to outstay my welcome! :)

Carol, Thank You for being my guest today and sharing with all of us.  I know I enjoyed learning a bit more about you.  And for those that don't know Carol, we have corresponed on several occasions and she is such a sweet and kind person.  It is funny how the "proper" English comes through in her emails.  She has just taken the next step with her blog in the UK whereas she is now accepting requests for reviews, interviewing Guest Authors and hosting giveaways.  I have also gathered from her emails that she is a loving and dedicated Mum, as they say in the UK, sensitive, honest, and strives for perfection with her blog.  With all those traits, I consider her a SHINING STAR.  I hope you enjoyed meeting Carol, if you didn't know her, or getting to know her better if you do.  Please stop by her blog and say hi !!


Teacher/Learner said...

Very nice! I love Dizzy's posts and it's great to learn more about her. I'm also gaga for old movies :)

Bev Hankins said...

Great to learn more about you, Dizzy! Keep shining!

Carol said...

Thank you for having me here today,and thank you for your lovely comments. You are a star to me! :)

Thank you. I do love your visits to my blog and comments. I love to follow your blog too.

Thank you. Good to see you, again.


dollycas aka Lori said...

What a perfect Shining Star. I love it when Carol visits my blog and her blog is growing more wonderful everyday!!!

BTW: Jeff figured out that we packed that one suitcase with books. I think we went overboard and it really was pretty heavy. I told him that while we visited Carol he could find a hot tub for his sore back because we would probably be bringing even more books back home. lol Some men, a little back ache and they get all out of sorts.

Nise' said...

It is so nice to meet your Carol! I will be looking forward to your Ireland challenge books for ideas since I am participating in the same challenge.

bermudaonion said...

I'm going to check out Carol's blog now - she sounds adorable! I can't believe she lives so close to the hospital she was born in.

Joanna said...

I really enjoyed reading about Dizzy, whom I did not know, and love the idea of making Sunday's special in this way.

Elizabeth said...

What a great shining start this Sunday. Great to meet you, Carol.

I LOVE your hair.

Heading over to your blog now.

Yvonne said...

Great choice! Dizzy is a great blogger!

Gigi Ann said...

Congratulations DizzyC,

I am a follower of your blog, but loved getting to know you better. I didn't know you were from UK. So I learnt something new. Maybe I should have read your profile a little closer. I wear way to much black also, but throw in a few colorful tops.

Thanks for sharing another Shining Star today, Cheryl.

Carol said...

I am happy to give your books a home so you can take more home with you :)

I do need to update my challenge with my latest reads. A few suggestions, Brooklyn, Ellis Island, The Secret Scripture, The Empty Family.

I think still living in my hometown makes Dizzy a boring bunny.

good to see you, too.

I enjoy your blog. I am heading up to the Highlands in 2 wks time. Not sure I will get across to Skye. will have to charm my other half :) Just read Star Gazing by Linda Gillard partly set on Skye. Amazing read.

another blogger I enjoy following. Great to see you Yvonne

excuse the delay....I was going to catch up last night but fell asleep with my toddler LOL