November 26, 2011

I surrender.....

Yes...I surrender.  As hard as it to say, I must and the numbers show it.   This year had many real life personal challenges that took priority over everything, even reading. And even though my reading was affected, including my challenges, I am looking forward to, being optimistic and getting excited about 2012.  I have started setting up my Challenge page, stalking blogs for more challenges and getting ready for the new year.  So I thought I would start cleaning house, removing the challenges that I failed at, and making room for new ones.

I entered 18 Challenges in 2011.  I know...I am a Challenge Addict plus a button addict.  That's why Gina from Hott Books and I are once again co hosting the Challenge Addict Challenge, for those of us who have this somewhat little, run of the mill, large, whopper of, in need of an intervention addiction. lol 

To date I have only read 45 books, so embarrassed, but there were months, that I was lucky if I finished one book.  The following Challenges I am surrendering, knowing that I will not be able to complete within a month.

THE THREE R'SPhotobucketPhotobucket
            2 of ?                                                3 of 5                                             1 of 4    

           20 of 50                                        1 of 12                                         1 of 3
However, even with the little I did read, I did manage to complete some of my 2011 Challenges!!   I am excited that some of the challenges I was hoping for are returning and I am signed up and ready to go, then there are others that I am anxiously awaiting to see if they get posted on A Novel Challenge in hopes they will be returning and while I am stalking the site, I am finding new challenges too.  2012 is going to be my year of reading!!!!  
And TBR bookcase, Sony EReader and Kindle are full and no doubt will have many more titles added throughout the year, thanks to everyone's reviews and the memes that I participate in, and now I sit and wait for  the New Year!!!   


bermudaonion said...

Challenges are just for fun anyway. Better luck next year!

Carol said...

I am embarking on my first public challenge next year, with Lori and the gang :)

This year I cheated and only did a personal challenge. I did ok tho, which is why I decided to join a challenge.

Unknown said...

You make me smile!!

Nise' said...

That is the great thing about the New Year! A new start.

Kaye said...

You, my friend, are a real hoot! Admitting you need an intervention is the first step in recovery hahahaha. This is all in fun and no one is going to grade you on completion. Maybe if some of the challenges allow crossovers, that would help you hit your goals easier. I, too, am looking forward to 2012 - it's as if 2011 is already over. Break out the noise makers and pour the champagne - better days are acomin'!

Yvonne said...

LOL! Too funny. Last year I kept joining challenges and, as it turned out, I failed quite a few too :) Doesn't matter, I'm joining new ones for 2012 and, like you, stalking blogs to see what challenges everyone are signing up for. Have fun!

Gigi Ann said...

2011 was the first year I joined challenges, and I completed them all. This year so far I have only joined 3 challenges. So far I have managed to read 115 books, the first year I've read this many books. Actually, it is the first year I kept track of all the books I read.

Congrats on all the books you read in 2011. Trying to read while under stress, I find very difficult. Therefore, I think you did quite well.

Gwendolyn B. said...

Ha! I could lift this post and stick it on my blog and only have to change the names of the challenges! (O.K., and I don't have an e-reader yet.) I love the idea of challenges and the look of all the pretty buttons, but I'm not too good at fulfilling the requirements. But like you, too, I'm not giving up - I just signed up for my first 2012 challenge. Here's wishing us both better luck but mostly lots of great reading for 2012!

Carol N Wong said...

I am planning to make a spreadsheet of the challenges. Last year, I joined 5 and completed 3. I can't remember what the other two were for!!!

Carol Wong

Unknown said...

I only entered one challenge this year and it was on Goodreads. I pledged to read 50 books. I currently have finished 46, so 4 more to go. Next year I'm doing the Goodreads challenge and an ebook challenge. Good luck to me. Good luck to you, too.