May 18, 2010



You don't want to miss this !!!!!  Mark your calendars for this coming Sunday, May 23rd.  There have been many discussions on many blogs about EReaders vs Print.  Right???  What we, the consumers and avid readers think.  BUT, what about an author's point of view.  Well,  are you sitting down????

On Sunday, an author, that is presently on virtual tour for his current book will be giving us his thoughts.  Not only that....BUT....he generously has agreed to check in, here on this blog,  and answer any questions you may have or reply to your comments.  Who is this author you ask?   Its...........

Vincent Zandri (author of)
Mark your calendars!!  And have your thoughts and questions ready and post them here !!!!!!  Will give you another reminder later in the week. 


Sherrie said...

I personally prefer a book. I like to feel, smell and hold a book. Nothing like it can compare. Good luck with your interview. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!

Just Books

CMash said...

Sherrie: I hope you can stop by Sunday and post your thoughts and/or questions re: EReaders/Print. Vincent Zandri will be here to reply to comments or answer questions. Should be a good discussion,

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that is huge! How awesome you are involved.

p.s. Thanks again for being my featured blogger yesterday. :0)

Julie P said...

I'm looking forward to it!

CMash said...

I'm looking forward to it too. Think it will be fun. I better start writing my thoughts down so I can post that wouldn't look good lol.

Vincent Zandri said...

Yah, I'll be there in the morning with a coffee, in the afternoon with lunch and in the evening with a beer!!!!
Looking forward Cheryl and thanks for having me!!

Vincent Zandri said...

Here's my blog teaser:

I invite all to join up with my blog...I usually post something everyday...:)))

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