May 21, 2010

Friday Fun Will Continue

I am having some computer glitches that I am trying to resolve.  And seeing that I am computer illiterate at times, it is taking me a while to fix.  As soon as I have it back and working, I will continue in the Friday Fun.  I will visit your blogs ASAP.  And to add icing on the cake, my server and/or computer seems to be in neutral, maybe reverse.  In the meantime, don't forget to enter at a chance of winning a book signed by the author, Jeffrey Leever, of The University.
gone insane


Unknown said...

Hopping over to say HI!
Im now a proud follower :D
Hop on by and say hi!

Paula said...

if you want to let me know what your computer problem is I know someone who knows computers that might be able to help you so drop me a line at

CMash said...

Moody: Just hopped to become a follower of yours.

Paula: Thank you so much for the offer. Think I have it set now..I think its from another site that I am having trouble with.

Paula said...

ok if you find yourself in any pc trouble let me know maybe I can assist you love your blog.