May 24, 2010

Musing Mondays (1 of 3)


Before getting to today's memes, I want to thank Mr. Vincent Zandri author of Moonlight Falls, for spending the afternoon with us and to all those that stopped by and joined in our discussion.  There were some great comments and fantastic questions.   It appears, that both EReaders and Books will continue to live together in the avid reader's and consumers lives.  There is not one clear winner but both have pros and cons to what we like as individuals.  And the poll that was placed this week on this blog had HC 45.5%.  I have to admit, that surprised me, with today's economy and the price of HCs.  Or either that, used book stores are very busy lol.  Paperback books followed and EReaders came in last.

Also, I have a favor to ask.  I enjoy all the memes that I participate in.  Great way of finding new blogs and meeting the new people behind those blogs.  So what is my favor?  I am looking for a couple of more memes for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you know of any or have joined some on those days, would appreciate you linking me up.


XmasDolly said...

Sorry about yesterday I really feel bad. I would've helped had I known. I check this out for you, and email what I find. {hugs} me

Carin Siegfried said...

I'm not sure what you already have, so you're probably already aware of some:
Booking Through Thursday
The Character Connection
My Favorite Reads
Weekend: Kid Konnection


CMash said...

Carin: Thank you..will check them out..only familiar with one.

Vincent Zandri said...

It was a blast :)))