June 8, 2010

Award Time again

I just got that warm and fuzzy feeling again !!!!  This time from KDurham from Kritters Ramblings.   She just presented me with The Versatile Blogger Award.    Thank you kdurham !!!!!  And to my visitors, I think you should take a hop, walk, run over to her place now and thank her for sparing you from having to read 7 more things about me since I just posted it.  This award means just as much as the earlier awards and I thank you !!!   Hmmmmm....thinking.......maybe with the blog makeover everyone thinks I'm the new gal in town with all these awards  lol.


Marce said...

Congrats on the new award AND very nice look, I missed the transition.

Your signature is very nice, I really like the CM with the flowers.

Jackie said...

2nd time around and you do deserve the awards but not because anyone thinks you are the "new kid on the block", because you are the "nice kid on the block" who has a great book blog!!

I am finding more neat stuff, have to come back when more time to look around!

jackie b central texas

Lover Of Romance said...

Congratulations on the award!!!

Julie P said...

That is not what everyone thinks ya nerd! We all know it's you! And we love ya!

XmasDolly said...

Congrats there girlfriend! Don't be so modest! You know you deserve it! Woo HOO!