June 12, 2010

Misc Saturday No Memes


Several issues to blog about this morning, so lets get started.
**For those who have been travelling with me on my medical journey, and who have offered up prayers, said so many thoughtful and kind words of encouragement, know that yesterday I had my 2 month follow up.  The verdict:  I am making progress, however, it is a slow process.  I have graduated to a cane, and better yet, no housework for another 2 months.  I still can not bend, lift or twist.....a BLT on toast.   WooHoo...more time to blog, read and review.  No excuses now, not to catch up with my reading schedule.
**No memes today...I checked the one I usually particpate in but as of this posting the question is not up.
**Tomorrow is a big day for me on my blog.  I will be hosting my first giveaway!!!  So stop by and enter!!!!
**I have to confess to something...I have been stalking the Bloggiesta.  Have you seen this in your google reader?  What great tips.  I have been taking notes from afar and today plan to incorporate some of them.  There are drafts that I have been putting off but since this is the Bloggiesta (love that name) Weekend, I will leave for now to get something accomplished.
    What are your plans for today?    Have a great Saturday and Happy Reading!!


bermudaonion said...

I'm so glad to see you're making progress!

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

Cheryl, glad to hear your recovery is progressing along. No housework for 2 months is not a bad thing! Leaves alot of time for blogging and reading! Have a great Saturday!

Julie P said...

Hi Cheryl! You know I am thinking of you today. It is a very beautiful day here in the Pacific NW (finally), so I am out on my deck blogging and reading (in between loads of laundry, anyway). Mario & I are going to a friends house for a barbecue (YEA--away from our full house for a night--you know what I'm talking about), so today is absolutely wonderful for me!