October 9, 2010

A Bit Of Me


Hosted by Danielle at There's A Book
From her blog:
We all leave our “footprint” on the world, in one way or another. We each, individually, do something or are someone that makes the world a little better just by being here. I created this weekly meme to get to know the blogging community I love just a bit better. To know what makes them tick, outside of books, that is. Each week I will post a question to be answered in the following week’s “A Bit of Me(Me)”. Check back each Saturday to get the info for next week’s post and link up with your current post right here.
Because this weekend is Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon, we will retreat back to book related questions for one weekend!

So, This Week’s Question is: How many books have you read in a single sitting? Or, how long have you stayed up reading a book, which one, and why?
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I was so excited when I started seeing posts about this weekend's Read-A-Thon, until I realized that I would not be able to participate due to previous plans.  I will, unofficially, take part in between the "real life" commitments.
I have been able to complete a book in one sitting but it doesn't happen often due to "real life" interruptions.  I have also read late into the night because I just couldn't put a book down, but learned that I would pay for it the next day when it is was hard to get my body out of neutral and had to struggle to keep my eyes open from lack of sleep.


Guta Bauer said...

I read into the night ALL nights. Last night was the first in a week where i just went to bed to sleep - em really slept!


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I can totally relate to that...I don't often have the opportunity to read uninterrupted. I do read at night, because I wake up periodically.

Here's what I wrote:

My Recent Favorite Books said...

I dont think..that I have ever read a book in one sitting...wish that I could though.
I love your blog!

Deepali said...

Thank you! I am getting a little stressed about completing my books, I admit..
Glad to know you are cheering us on and reading - hopefully you get to finish a book or at least most of one :)
- Dee from e-Volving Books

The1stdaughter said...

I completely understand the "real-life" things. If I sit down and finish a book in one sitting I truly do pay for it because I am usually up all night and up early with kiddos. It's terrible. So good for you for realizing you can only do so much! That's why I decided to cheer this time around instead of read, just too much pressure.

Tin said...

Once I start a book I don't stop until it is done, and the series books are the worst I have to know how the end. I am a speed reader so usually it is not to bad, but I do seem to let things slide when a book is in my hand.

Currently "The Memory Keepers Daughter"

bermudaonion said...

I think 1 book in a sitting is the limit for me too! I get ants in my pants after a while.

Unknown said...

I can't sit for more than one book - I'm lucky if I can sit for that long. Even when just lounging at the beach I still put my book down & play with the kids after every half hour or so of reading.
Staying up at night? Well, I REALLY try not too but recently I was soooo close to the end that I stayed up until almost 2. Grrr. I know better...