October 21, 2010

Review "Love Always, Hobby and Jessie" by Sara Robinson


Love Always, Hobby and Jessie by Sara Robinson
Published by PathBinder Publishing, LLC
ISBN 978-0-9842496-0-2
At the request of the Author, a TPB was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion.
   Synopsis (borrowed from back of book): Even the most difficult of marriages can survive a lifetime through commitment, acceptance, and work. In Love Always, Hobby and Jessie, the improbable bond that was the marriage of Hobby and Jessie Robinson showcases one example of a rocky marriage that eventually finds its footing.
  Defined by their heritage and their experiences, Hobby and Jessie met, merged,-and split many times as they unknowingly defined their unique relationship. The conditions implemented to keep peace forged an eventual lifelong truce and acceptance. Those outside of their marriage would have been puzzled by the solutions that Hobby and Jessie found. As unconventional as they were to each other, their attempts at brokering their special treaties mirrored their individual styles. Couples who settle on the edges of their relationship often find themselves at the very center of it.
  My Thoughts and Opinion: I usually don't post my review of a book that I am currently hosting a giveaway of said book, just in case it is not a positive review and/or giving away spoilers. I am breaking my own rules in the case of this book only because of the giveaway, but, I will not include any spoilers. No matter your age, please enter this giveaway. If you are a baby boomer, memories of your childhood will be triggered and if you are younger, then you have an idea of your grandparents' lives. Sara Robinson invites the reader into her life and her parent's marriage, both the good and bad, funny and sad, and traditions long forgotten. For a debut author, Ms. Robinson has the unique ability to transport the reader back in time whereas this reader had everything else tuned out, triggers for my own personal memories, even sharing similar experiences and events of my childhood. The writing style so descriptive that when she writes about how certain smells trigger her memories, I found myself able to create and conjure up those scents. I found that the flow of her words allowed me to produce a mini home movie in my mind. This memoir is a quick read and contains many pictures of years past, that will resemble your own photo albums from years ago of your parents and/or grandparents. Well written and, for me, I couldn't wait to pick it back up and continue reading. Kudos Ms. Robinson!!!! I hope you have more books in the future.
  On a personal note, I am on the latter end of baby boomers and presently dealing with being the sole caretaker and responsible party for an aging parent, who was born around the same time as the author's parents, this book triggered so many memories and was a bittersweet read for me. The pictures resembled pictures I am now finding, some so similar it could have come from my families' photos. The way of life of that era that Ms. Robinson shared, could have been written about my relatives. Thank you for sharing Sara Robinson!!.

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