October 25, 2010

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This week's question:
About how many books (roughly) would you say you own? (If you don’t have a clue how many, do you care to know? Why, or why not?)
My answer:
I know its a lot less then a couple of months ago.  I had read an article stating that if a book has been on your shelf unread for 2 years, then get rid of it.  So when we redid one of our rooms into an office/library, I purged 4 big boxes of books.  Not sure how many we have now, but the 2 brand new large 5 shelf bookcases are full and a couple of shelves with PBs are doubled up.  I think if I new the exact number, it might depress me because I'm not sure if I can read all that I own, plus the books on my EReader.  That is why instead of calling it my personal tbr list, I now call it my "tbr bucket list". 


Unknown said...

Sounds like my basement! Except - I still have the four boxes. I was too afraid to drop them anywhere. Ugh! So I'm giving them away as prizes. Slowly... & trying to transfer them to eBooks.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I'm familiar with that out-of-control feeling that comes with not knowing what's all around me on my shelves, which are everywhere. I do have a better handle on my TBR books, though, and started documenting them a year ago.

Here's what I wrote:

Teacher/Learner said...

Wow, that takes courage :D I can see getting carried away with book collecting, but I couldn't give any away unless I was very, very sure they wouldn't get read.

Lori said...

Oh no, you said the P-word(Purge) I am too greedy to do that....Check out my Musing ON Monday answer.

Bev Hankins said...

Hmmm. If I followed the advice of that article, then there are several books that I've read this year that would have gone out the door a long time ago. Proof for my pack-rat book habits that I shouldn't purge. :-) I do clear out every once in a while...every time I do, my husband takes my temperature because he's sure I must be sick if I'm getting rid of books.

D.S. White said...

Hopping in! I hoard and purge in spurts. I feel a huge purge coming on!

Julie P said...

In that entire paragraph you never bothered actually stating a number of any kind. Hmmmmm...very interesting!