July 28, 2011

A present in my Email via Vincent Zandri

Something happened yesterday, that I DID NOT expect and I just had to share with you all!!  If you look on my sidebar, my current read is (was) Moonlight Rises by Vincent Zandri, a galley that is planned to be published in the fall and Vin entrusted me to read, which, for me, is a great honor.

If you follow this blog, you know by now that he is my favorite author, bypassing famous names, when he hooked me last year with Moonlight Falls.

Getting back to yesterday, can you tell how excited I am?  There in my email is another galley.  Yet, again, he has given me the honor to read and review his yet to be published novel.  As soon as I downloaded it to my Kindle, I started reading and could not put it down until my eyes just couldn't stay opened and I read 50% of the book.  This new stand alone thriller, Scream Catcher, will be released in 10 days
"If your life were a video game, this is how it would be GAME OVER: Not with a whimper, but a scream!"

If you are a reader of mystery's, thrillers, non stop action filled novels, mark your calendar for the release of this book!!!  Vinzent Zandri has IT!!!  Vincent Zandri is IT!!!  Vincent Zandri is brillIanT!!!  Just when you thought he reached the pinnacle in writing, he has found a higher mountain!!!  He has raised the bar with Scream Catcher!!  My heart was pounding at warp speed!!! And that's from reading 1/2 the book.  It can only get better!!!  In ten days...plan on spending the day's a page turning, can't put down novel.

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Vincent Zandri said...

Thanks Cheryl...
You rock!!!!

Anonymous said...


Vincent Zandri hooked me with Moonlight Falls too! He is definitely, by far, THE BEST BEST BEST author around and will forever be my FAVORITE ONE!!! I can't wait to "open" this book on my Nook and get swept away into the twists!


Jackie said...

Cheryl are the books part of series or stand alone reads? Scream Catcher sounds good just from that couple of sentences under the book picture.

Happy reading and thanks for introducing me to a new author.

Amy said...

What a fantastic honor! Good for you! I haven't red any of Vin's books but I love a good mystery/thriller so I will definitewly be checking out Moonlight Falls and then Scream Catcher soon!

Thank you for sharing these recommendations!