December 1, 2011

Booking Through Thursday

Today's question:
Do you find that your mood affects the things you read? Like, if you’re in a bad mood, do you tend to indulge in reading that will support it or do you try to read things that will cheer you up? Do you pick different types of books on dreary, rainy days than you do on bright sunny ones?
For that matter, does your mood color what you’re reading, so that a funny book isn’t so funny or a serious one not so deep?

My answer:
Today's question has taken much thought.  I guess I have always chosen my "next book" upon my mood but never realized it.  My number one genre is mystery/suspense but the past few books that I have read I would put in the classification of contemporary fictions/romance/chick lit. I don't go searching through my tbr pile saying "I need something to cheer me up".  I tend to just peruse the pile, select a couple of books that seem interesting at the time, read the blurb and go from there.   So I guess subconsciously, my mood is in it's own way, deciding which book I should read.


bermudaonion said...

Of course mood (and so many other things) affect our reading!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I tell myself that having HUGE TBRs is actually good for me, since there are so many choices! lol

And I like picking a variety for the week, and from there, my mood "chooses" for me.

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Anonymous said...

My mood doesn't influence what I am reading at the time.

Claire said...

I'm kind of similar to you in grabbing books that sound good and picking the best one, but I tend to think things like 'I feel like a cozy mystery' before I start as I have waaaaaay too many books to go in with no idea what to pick.

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