December 29, 2011

Booking Through Thursday

Today's question:
What were your favorite books of 2011?
My response:
I always get palpitations when a question asks for "a favorite", maybe because I'm a parent and I would never be able to answer the question "who is my favorite child".  And since moving into this neighborhood of book blogging and reviewing, I have a total new outlook about books. I used to purchase them, read for enjoyment and either they would go on my shelf or be passed on.  Now I know the hard work, the heart and soul the author puts into writing a particular book for my pleasure of reading.  That book IS "their child"

This year I had the opportunity to read many outstanding books that I would recommend, many more than I am going to list, but I narrowed it down to these 10 that really stood out:
Voices of the Dead by Peter Leonard
(review to be posted 01/19/12)

What were your favorites of 2011?


Kaye said...

The Lost Wife was it for me - I loved that book and couldn't put it down. Thanks for sharing your faves! Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I gave 'Night Road' to my wife for Christmas. She really enjoys Kristin Hannah. I should show her your list. There might be something else there that she would enjoy. My BTT for this week is:

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I see some that I loved, too; like Night Road and The Midwife's Confession.

Never Knowing made it to my top ten, but like I said in my post about my favorites, there are many wonderful books that aren't on the top ten, or the top three.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the reading year.

And congrats on moving to WP! I hope you'll enjoy the experience.

Here's MY BTT POST and

bermudaonion said...

I love all of these lists, but they are making my wish list grow like crazy! I don't seem to read the same books as everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I've not read any of those - I'll have to check them out!
Here’s my Booking Through Thursday post. :)

Anonymous said...

Some nice choices.

Bev Hankins said...

It's always hard to pick favorites. And I especially can't pick just one. Here's my list:

Gigi Ann said...

Some of your favorites were mine also. I am looking forward to reading Spinning in 2012. If I remember correctly, I won it in one of your book give-aways.

Marce said...

Night Road is on my list also. OF COURSE VincentZ is on your list :-). We both have Melissa but different books, interesting, I did like this one also.

Great list of course