December 4, 2009

BOOK REVIEWS General Blinkies

Locked In by Marcia Muller  Rating 5+
From the cover jacket...Sudden flash, loud pop. Rush of pain. OMG, I've been shot--Nothing.
This reader was hooked before page 1.  Sharon McCone, PI has been shot in the head and there is damage.  A brain injury of being Locked In (a real medical injury)  In a coma for 11 days after being shot.  Slowly she comes out of the coma BUT she realizes she can't move, can't communicate but hears everything.  This reader felt the terror, fright and trauma of being Locked In from the author's words.  Then those around McCone realize she does hear and the only way she can communicate is by blinking her eyelids..once for yes, two for no.  She doesn't remember all the details of being shot but what she does remember she can't communicate.  Once again, this reader could feel McCone's fustration and the terror of her prognosis of being Locked In.  Her employees try to find the shooter.  This was a nail biter down to the last page.  Mysteries within Mystery.  I have never read any of her books but am now a fan and will be reading her past and future novels.  This book was exceptional for those who like suspense.