December 17, 2009

BOOK REVIEWS General Blinkies

Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson  Rating 3.5
EBook purchased by me
Kristi Bentz returns to her alma mater, All Saints, where 4 students have gone missing.  Police feel that they are runaways.  Kristi starts investigating what happens especially when she learns that the apartment she has rented was leased by Tara, one of the missing.  There is one connection...all were taking the same English courses at the college, which now Kristi is enrolled in.  She teams up with her ex bf because of his crime lab experience.  Then the girls are found dead and Kristi learns that there is a cult on campus.
My opinion:  At times it was a good read but when it came to the vampire plot I felt it was unrealistic.  It could be that I am just not interested in books of that nature.