December 30, 2009

WWW Wednesday hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading



*What are you currently reading?
     Most Likely To Die by Lisa Jackson (a must read for suspense lovers)
*What did you recently finish reading?
     Crossing The Bridge by Michael Baron (excellent--gave it a 5)
*What do you think you’ll read next?
     ??  Challenges will be many choices.  It will also depend if any requested reviews come in the mail.

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I am getting excited and counting down for the 2010 challenges to begin.  As a newbie in book blogging and loving every minute of it, this will be my first year for challenges and know that it won't be my last.  Is everyone else looking forward to the challenges this year?  Which ones have you signed up for?  Also since this will be a new year my blog is going to get updated too.  I am learning so much and since my blog as reached levels that I didn't dream it would when I started my "personal journal", there are items I feel it needed.  I hope you all will like the new look and features.....Stay tuned.....



XmasDolly said...

HA - I'm like a bad penny hehe can't get rid of me. So you like to read. I do, but unfortunately most of the time it puts me to sleep unless it's Stephen King of course. He's my favorite. I've read almost every one of his books. He is so cool. The only other books I've read you can probably count on one hand. LOL Well, Happy New Year my new friend!