December 18, 2009

Talk & Thoughts Free Avatars

OK....I think that I have been more than patient with leaving my laptop with the "Geek Squad" last weekend and have been told that it will be ready later tonight or tomorrow, I realize I am having separation anxiety with my computer. Knowing now how important it is to me, how did we live pre internet time, that I should name my bff. So I am open to suggestions from my blogger friends what I should call/name it when I finally have it back. Here in New England, we are under a blizzard watch for this weekend (weather like what is predicted increases the pain in my back) and since my shopping is done, I plan on the usual....Relax and Read. But I also plan on spending quality time with my laptop. Tweaking my site or maybe even finding a new template for the new year. Am hoping that everyone has a great weekend...try to relax and read lol...yea...right...the weekend before Christmas and if you get a chance, help me name my laptop for it's homecoming.


Bingo said...

I don't know what you could name your lap top but I feel as you do that how did we get along before it? (married 36 years, recently retired, some health issues so reading--my favorite thing---has only been inspired and enhanced since I discovered blogging. "I'm dreaming of a new lap top" is my "White Christmas" tune I'm humming since I live in FL and no snow here...but I ramble, sorry. Name? That has to be so personal. I would think you should look at it when you get it back and think of what you call it when you talk to it. You do that, right? I do at times but some of those names wouldn't be nice to call it. Is it a certain brand that you could do a play on words like if it is a Dell you might name it Adele??? OK, sorry. But do keep safe and warm (my sis is in MA and I worry about her now I hear about this storm). Merry Christmas and healthy, Happy New Year!