December 27, 2009

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Relax and Read Weekend

Today I plan to relax and read after I post. Am apologizing in advance for rambling but have a bit to say today and to thank someone very special.

Yesterday I asked other bloggers if the enjoyment I am feeling regarding this new found world of blogging lasts or is it because it is a new hobby. I heard from some bloggers that it does, thank you to those who commented. I am so glad to hear that it will last!!
This weekend here in New England it has been raining and certain weather conditions affect my back. I am disabled due to severe chronic spinal pain, as a result of 3 prior back fusion surgeries that included internal plates and screws. Some days the pain is paralyzing and just doing minor household chores is difficult. Next week I have an appt to see if I am a candidate for a nerve stimulator implant. Even though this is a 2 part surgical procedure, if it decreases the pain even 25% I will be happy. This new hobby has helped me on those days where the pain is excruciating. Reading was always an escape and now finding blogs and the people associated with the blogs has helped me in ways that are even surprising to me. Thank you !!!

Thank You
AND a special THANK YOU to my son Mark. I have stated that I am computer challenged and there were certain items that I wanted on my sidebar for the upcoming 2010 challenges that I am so excited about!! For weeks I have been trying to figure out how to create these features. Mark is "home" for the holidays and yesterday within 30 minutes he generated the code and added it. Also if you see any changes to my page in the future, it will be Mark's doing. He wants to change some things...not sure what he there is a chance that some morning I will boot up and be surprised. He will be leaving this coming weekend to go to his home in PA. So to my baby, THANK YOU for having the patience to help me and for being a great son. I LOVE YOU !!!


Ms. Sarah said...

Ihope you get feeling bett4er. where in new englad are you? i am ct and now transplated in sc

Marce said...

Oh my I feel for you. When you get to the stage of therapy you should look into pilates, with a trainer that has dealt with back injuries.

I'm glad to know older bloggers say it last, i'm new also and love every minute of it.