January 10, 2010


Following other blogs are a great source to get information.  I have been following those that have joined in this Weekend that are doing Bloggiesta and have learned different tips to blogging.  One of those that I found helpful was to write drafts ahead of time for blogging, which is what I have been doing this morning in between those mundane chores that need to be done, like preparing dinner so my family can eat.
I then started reading my google blog reader and found a posting by Bibliophile By The Sea.  She posted about a Mini Challenge whereas there is a mystery read-a-thon !!  I would not have known about this if she hadn't posted it.  So I am also passing it along to those who might be interested.  For me...this is my favorite what a way to spend a relaxing weekend.  And even better..what an excuse not to do those chores lol.  Thank you Diane for posting it !!!!

httpJanuary Mystery Read-A-Thon
So, it's official, the next Mystery Read-A-Thon will be in January 2010!
The 3rd Mystery Read-A-Thon will take place
January 16, 2010 to January 17, 2010
The goal is to
read mysteries for 12 hours during those two days


Alyce said...

Good luck with the mystery read-a-thon! Other than paranormal books, mysteries are the genre I read the least. It's not that I dislike mysteries, but I really have to be in the right mood.

CMash said...

I have always been a big fan of mystery/suspense...I like the fast paced read and trying to figure out the "who done it" part.