January 23, 2010


  My week in review......this week seems like it flew by.  I did get a few things accomplished but I also had some days where the fibromyalgia kicked in and put me down.  I also had a couple of wasted days (more on that later in this post).   I didn't do much reading and  feeling very guilty about this because I have a pile of books that are in my TBR review pile and more books were delivered this week.  Does this ever happen to you?  How do you catch up?  Any tips would be appreciated.  Maybe it's just my personality that I am feeling this way.    But today is going to be dedicated to reading.  I am coming down with a cold Photobucket and plan on getting comfy on the couch with my afghan,  a cup of coffee and my book.  

  My days this week that I considered "wasted" were due to MY Photobucket JOURNEY.  (To my new followers....I decided to use this forum as a personal journal to help me deal with this important and terrifying (to me) chapter in my life).  Once again I spent many hours on the phone this week trying to get things in place  and the appointment confirmed for my surgical consult scheduled for this coming Wednesday.  I can not believe the sad state that our medical system is in.  It was on Jan. 4th when I was referred to this specialist and it was not confirmed until yesterday.  Hours spent on the phone trying to get the proper prior authorization in place.  Wasting time on the phone with insurace company, referring doctors and the doctor I have yet to be seen by.  Remember the days when you picked up the phone, dialed, and the appointment was made?  I know I have been out of the medical field for a while but what happened to "the patient" being the priority?  Now what is foremost are the regulations, paper work, and lets not forget, the dollar amount associated with the consult.  I just hope that with all that went into making this appointment, that this doctor can help and is specialized in complex cases.  Will be posting more on this after my appointment.
   And for all my new followers.....Thank you.....and on the weekend....pick up a good book...reading is and can be fun..... and dedicate your weekends to:
Relax and Read Weekend
Relax and Read !!!!!


Kaye said...

Oh, yeah, the almighty dollar must come first! I hope it all goes well for you and that you feel better soon.

Have a good weekend relaxing and reading.

CMash said...

Thank you for those wishes...appreciate them more than you know :)

bermudaonion said...

So sorry you're having to deal with this. It's bad enough when you have to deal with the system when you're not having any problems, but to have to deal with health issues and the health system at the same time is just too much.

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

I am sorry you had so much to deal with....I would love to take your advice and read a book, but I think it's just a dream this weekend.

CMash said...

Bermudaonion and Ms Bibi: Thank you for the kind words. I have also had those weekends but I feel guilty if I don't read even a few chapters especially since I started to do requested reviews. Hopefully you have a good weekend even if you can't read.