January 17, 2010


Its Day 2 of The Mystery Read-A-Thon.  I didn't make the goal yesterday but am hoping I come close to the 6 hours today.
We are now about to start the second day of our Read-a-Thon, and I felt it's probably about time for an update.

How are you getting on?
  Unfortunately I read only for 3 hours yesterday...and that was a struggle.  My eyes and body were craving sleep, after being up so early due to the situation, and I finally gave in.
Are you getting as much reading done as you were hoping?
  The answer is no. Was disappointed since this was the 1st ever weekend challenge I signed up for.  But family is always my priority above all
Do you feel you will read a total of 12 hours or is that going to be a struggle?
  Don't think I will make the 12 hours but will try to get more reading in today.
Or maybe you'll end up reading for more than 12 hours?
  Don't think so.
Write a bit about your reading experience so far, and share it with us by posting your link in the comment box.
  I was very much looking forward to this Read-A-Thon and had goals in mind.  However, due to the events of yestereday that did not happen.  It would have been fun but family should always be a priority.  And because of my family dynamics', I had to spend that many hours in the ER.  I am just thankful that my Mom had no serious injuries from her fall.  Hoping there will be more Mystery Read-A-Thons this year.

Happy Sunday and Happy Reading !!


Anonymous said...

Of course family comes first. I'm glad your Mom is okay.

Unknown said...

Family always comes first! I'm glad your mom is not seriously injured.
I'm sure Marleen and I will host another read-a-thon later this year!