January 24, 2010

Sun Photobucket

  First, I would like to formally Welcome the newest members of this blog
On Friday while I was catching up with my Google Reader I saw that Midday Escapades Blog was hosting a meme, Friday Follow.  It's a "blog hop" where you visit other sites that have also signed up and become followers of each other's blog.  I was introduced to many different blogs of all varities that I probably would never have known about.  Due to the variety, I feel that I am now a "well rounded blogger.  So to those who took the time to stop by...Thank You.
  Yesterday was very productive....I accomplished more than I thought I would.  I made some  changes to my blog...a smaller button instead of the larger one I had.  So for those kind and thoughtful bloggers who had grabbed the big one...this is for you.  And if anyone else decides to grab the new button...thank you.  I have been thinking about creating an email subscription for a while.  My routine in the morning is to boot up, grab my coffe mug and read all my newsletters which I look forward to and know that this way I won't miss anything.  When I started following blogs I would send off an email and ask if I could be put on the "mailing list" (thats how little I knew about blogging.  I would be honored and delighted if you would like to subscribe to my blog.  I also wrote some posting drafts for this week (learned that trick with reading posts of those who joined in for the Bloggiesta Weekend).  Hubby was on his laptop, working from home,  so it was quiet and I read for hours.  It definitely was a Relax and Read Saturday !!!!!
  How has your weekend been?  How was your Saturday?  Any plans for today?  This morning we are taking my mother-in-law out for a bday brunch (she would strangle me if she knew I posted about her bday).  Hoping there is a football game on later this afternoon (can you tell I am not a sports fan) because if there is,  Yippppeeeee, hubby and son will be watching and I will get to read peacefully.  Have a relaxing Sunday......and Happy Reading !
                                     Relax and Read Weekend