January 31, 2010

Sun Photobucket

Once again...I am amazed and humbled.  I received another award, and again from an experienced blogger, which I am striving to become.  J.Kaye over a J.Kaye's Book Blog (  Thank you so much is greatly appreciated
Hope everyone is having a great weekend !!!!!  This was going to be a very short posting.  I admit, this week I went into a reading slump...just couldn't concentrate with what was weighing on my mind.  I spent more time on the computer than I should have spent but it is what it is.  Now that the decision for surgery has been made (I do feel that one weight is off my shoulders), I plan on taking my own advice and spending today doing nothing more than Relaxing and Reading !!!!!!  I need to catch up.   Am off to my "reading chair".   Have a great Sunday !!!
                                               Relax and Read Weekend