July 30, 2010

48 hour Read-A-Thon

48 Hour Read-A-Thon hosted by Unputdownables

I found out about the Read-A-Thon late this afternoon via ExLibris' Blog and signed up.  I need an incentive to do nothing but read.  So am telling family that I am unavailable (they will probably be happy lol) and will be starting as soon as I publish this post.  And am hoping that the weather is nice this weekend because my plan is to sit by the pool and/or get on my float, with my book and an iced coffee and read.  I want to finish my current read and on to the next, and maybe even finishing that one.  So the books I will be working on are:

And if I am lucky and "real life" doesn't interfere, my next book will be:
So if I am a silent blogger this weekend, you will know why.  Want to join in.  Link provided above.  Wish me luck !!!!  Toodles....I am off to read........