July 3, 2010

Smorgasbord Saturday


No memes today  :(.    Usually on a Saturday I will do my weekly to-do computer blog list, such as updating my meter bars, update librarything widget, etc etc.  And then I usually post a question.  Here on a Saturday its a mini me of "Slapdash Sunday" and "Bloggiesta"

So I was thinking, Photobucket what about a blog hop Smorgasbord Saturday.    We can link up, and you can post something on your blog, for example, questions of "how to do this", or maybe you found a neat little gadget for your blog and want to share, or maybe something big is happening on your blog this coming week that you want to talk about, or just something that is on your mind and you want the advice from your bloggy friends, etc. etc.  So today one of my questions will be "what do you think of a blog hop "Smorgasbord Saturday"?

My other question is about BBAW.  I am really torn about this.  I hear that there are many fun things that go along for that week.  But on the other hand, do I really want to nominate myself...that just doesn't seem right to me.  If I was to throw my hat in the ring it would be for "new blog".  The closing of the sign-up is for July 7th, so the clock is ticking.  Did you nominate your blog?  Have you participated in this in the past?  Are you also on the fence as to what to do?  Would love to hear from you about this topic.


Julie P said...

Hey Chica! Hope you have a great Saturday.....