February 20, 2010

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I usually post a lot earlier than I am today.  I got up much later than I usually do and now my routine is off kilter.  I feel like the day is gone and I haven't accomplished anything.  And on days like this it seems that everything goes wrong on top of it.  I get so frustrated and upset with myself that I got up so late.  And to make matters worse, I had a Honey Do List but it was a list for me and I only have one action item crossed off.  Does this happen to you?  Do you have those same feelings?  It is almost time for when my newsletter gets delivered and I didn't want it to be a blank email (lol).  So there will be installments for later today, which consists of the following: 
  1.  An award that I received
  2.  The criteria
  3.  Passing on the award
  4.  Now & Then by Jacqueline Sheehan review, which a lot of visitors have shown an interest in.
I am sorry for not being organized today. 


Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

Sounds like every day in my life. I need to make to do list for my to do list.

XmasDolly said...

Well, it's about time! Nah, just kiddin'. Now listen up! You do not have to apologize for getting up late. Evidently your body needed the extra sleep. Don't let this blog control you, you control it! So have fun with. What you should've said was, "Yo, peoples! Thank your lucky stars we're short on words today, but we'll double up tomorrow. So, enjoy life". Later my friend!

CMash said...

Ms Bibi--lol love it!!! except I end of forgetting where I put the lists lol

Xmas--what can I say !!!!