February 4, 2010

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Today's question:
The northern hemisphere, at least, is socked in by winter right now… So, on a cold, wintry day, when you want nothing more than to curl up with a good book on the couch … what kind of reading do you want to do?
  It would have to be a really good book from my favorite genre and that is mystery/suspense.  I also like a romance but has to have some mystery/suspense (example Nora Roberts).  And when this scenario plays out I have my afghan and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  My family (sadly to report are not readers) are amazed how I can totally tune them out and become part of the book.  So much so that they have to call out my name a couple of times before hearing them.  I think the idyllic situation stated above has to be the next best thing to heaven.  Only a true reader can understand that!!

This is the 1st ever "Thursday Treasures" !!!!!!!! goes.......

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**Go to one of your book blogs you visit (each week visit another site)
**Click on their blog roll/blog lists.
**Find 1-5 blogs that are new to you from that list.
**Visit those new blogs (optional but would be nice...award them with the "Thursday Treasure" icon and become a follower)
**Post on your site the name of the blog you initially visited and the new site(s) you found.
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I found 3 new blogs and glad I did...they are great.  I have sent emails to let them know.
From Xmas Dolly web site ( I found the following:
  A Reader's Journal
  Lynne's Little Corner of the World
  Crazy Book Slut

Talk & Thoughts:  Free Avatars
  The past couple of days I have been in a big reading slump.  I know why and it's the fact that there is so much on my mind that I am having difficulty concentrating and being focused.  My question is does this happen to you?  Do you feel guilty that it puts you behind on your schedule for "requested reviews'?  How do you make up that time?  So today I am giving myself a dead line to do what I need to do on the computer (I will check occasionally), then it will be off to my "reading chair" and try to catch up.  Happy Thursday Reading All !!!!


Jennifer said...

My reading is definitely not season dependent. My BTT:

Alayne said...

Good BTT answer. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

CMash said...

Thank you for stopping by...I enjoyed visiting your sites.

Lori said...

I have tried to read Nora Roberts. I am not sure if it was that particular book or her writing but it didn't appeal to me. One day, I will give another of her books a try.

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