February 11, 2010

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Today's question:
  How can you encourage a non-reading child to read? What about a teen-ager? Would you require books to be read in the hopes that they would enjoy them once they got into them, or offer incentives, or just suggest interesting books? If you do offer incentives and suggestions and that doesn’t work, would you then require a certain amount of reading? At what point do you just accept that your child is a non-reader?
  I can only speak from experience.  I read to my boys from when they were very young.  It was for a dual purpose.  One for them to hear the English language and two that they would hopefully come to love books.  When they were in their playpen they would grab their little books and babble (weren't talking at this point) as they turned the pages.  As they got older I enrolled them into our library childrens' activities and then we would check out books that they chose.  They always saw me with a book.  During elementary and middle school, we would buy them series of books that they requested.  Books were never denied.  However, even with their young love of books, once they hit high school and college, they never read for pleasure again. There is definitely a difference in reading text books and books that are "enjoyed".  I still hope that someday they will pick up reading again.  I do believe, however, that some people just don't find reading fun.  I can't remember ever seeing my parents read and I turned out to be an avid reader.  I don't feel that one should "force" reading on a child, or even an adult for that matter, but try to encourage. 
  I found 3 more great book blogs this week via the blog list from Vicki at Reading At The Beach ( will be notifying these new blogs and presenting them with the "Thursday Treasure"   Just like books, and now am finding with blogs, there are never too many!!  My treasures this week are:
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I look forward to following these new finds !!!!  Happy Thursday all !!!!


tweezle said...

I loved your answer. I think that when the kids get into high school, they are forced to read so much, and most of the time (I'm remembering way, way back) the books are awful. Once they are out of that situation, I bet they will find the joy of reading again.

I had to deal with this with my oldest child.
Here's my response.

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I didn't watch tv alot as a child. I wasn't allowed, so books were definitely the primary form of entertainment.

Here is mine

jlshall said...

I've never had to deal with this problem, but I guess I would agree that you shouldn't "force" reading on a person (child or adult). However, I always feel sorry for anyone who's not an avid reader.

This was a fun topic. My thoughts are here.