August 16, 2010

Manuscript Review "Titanic 2012" by Bill Walker


  There are caveats before I give my official review. Back in February I read, reviewed and hosted a "Guest Author" spotlight at the request of Pump Up Your Book, for A Note from an Old Acquaintance by Bill Walker. I thought the book was exceptional, giving it a rating of 5/5. You can read my review here. Bill had contacted me, after I posted my review, and asked if I would mind posting the review on some sites, which I agreed to do. Since that time, we have touched base every now and then as to how things were going with his book. He told me that he was working on a manuscript (revising, editing, making changes) of a book that he had written and with limited printing in 1998. I then received an email from him, which amazed me, surprised me and, quite honestly, felt honored to receive this request. Could he entrust me with this manuscript and give my honest opinion as a reader, consumer and reviewer?

  I have not read the original Titanic 2012, that was printed years ago so I can not compare it to the revised manuscript that I recently finished reading. However, and ironically knowing that I had the manuscript in my EReader waiting for me to read, I saw that another blogger had found a copy of the original and had read the book. Sheila, from One Person's Journey Through A World Of Books, reviewed this book on her blog. I also need to say that the revised manuscript edition, is just that, a manuscript. Bill has informed me that it is now in his agent's hand, so the revised edition, that I will be reviewing, has not yet been published nor is it available as of this date. However. I did tell him that since this blog is about books and my honest thoughts and reviews of books I read, that I would treat his manuscript in the same manner I do for all books I read. I also told him that I pride myself on giving a credible and honest review of every book I read, and that the same criteria would be utilized for his manuscript. He agreed. He also promised me that when the book does become available, he would notify me to let my followers, readers and visitors know so that I can give an update. And now my thoughts and opinion of said manuscript:

Titanic 2012 by Bill Walker (revised manuscript)
Final Manuscript Draft
At the request of the author, who entrusted me with his manuscript, a PDF was sent via email to be downloaded to my EReader, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion.
  Synopsis (blurb borrowed from GoodReads for original print): When James Cameron's vision of a movie, Titanic, made it to the screen, who would've known just how popular it would become? Now there's a new mystery thriller that puts the luxury liner of doom in the near future with suspenseful results. It's the year 2012, and best selling mystery novelist Trevor Hughes has just about completed his next big book when old friend Harlan Astor announces that he's spent hundreds of millions of dollars to stage one of the biggest publicity shows in history: he's built a new Titanic, an exact replica of the 1912 version. This tweaks Trevor's writerly instincts, and in short order, he breaks up with his girlfriend and heads out for Poland to board the maiden voyage of this colossal remake. Even Kate Winslet is on hand to christen the ship, and the media are eating it up. But why did Astor do this, and why did he handpick the people who are boarding this remarkable ship? First-time novelist Bill Walker rings all the bells and blows all the whistles as he sets sail with his maiden voyage déjà vu, TITANIC 2012.
  My Thoughts and Opinion: I have to preface this by saying that I saw the movie, Titanic, on multiple occasions and enjoyed it each time. Also, there will be no spoilers in this review. The premise of the plot, at times parallels the movie to some degree, but the story line stands on its own. The parallels were Harlan Astor, who's great grandfather was lost in the tragedy of the original Titanic, designed the new ship to resemble the original. He also planned other details to resemble the maiden voyage of 1912, such as the dress of the passengers, the menu, the different classes, the valets. As the synopsis states, Titanic 2012 is a suspenseful romance. The author's words transported me back to 1912 and then back to the present. I found myself so engrossed in reading this manuscript whereas I became part of the story and unaware what was going on around me. The characters were brought to life through the writer's descriptions and each had their reasons for wanting to be a part of Titanic 2012. As far as the suspense, a page turner. I apologize for being vague, but there are many aspects to the suspense theme and will not include any spoilers in this review. The romance perspective profound, yet tender and emotional.
  I am sorry for posting this review due to the fact that it is unavailable as of right now. But will honestly tell you, that when it is published, it is a must read. If you are a fan of Titanic, the movie, you will love Titanic 2012. Put this one on your TBR list now and hopefully it will be obtainable soon. And like the movie whereas I saw it more than once, when this is in print, I will be reading it again. Bravo Mr. Walker !!
1998 Book Cover
I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me,
in exchange for my honest review.
No items that I receive
are ever sold...they are kept by me,
or given to family and/or friends.


Unknown said...

Ah....., this is the book that Bill told us about at the author chat! Great Review Cheryl, i cannot wait until this one is published. And kudos to you. You must be really honored to have read the Manuscript version. It sounds really great and i am really looking forward to reading a copy.

Bonnie said...

Of course I am familiar with the story of the Titanic, saw an old version of the movie but believe it or not never saw James Cameron's film. This book sounds great and I hope we don't have to wait too long till it is published!

Julie P said...

Very nice review! Can't wait until the book is released....

Unknown said...

Hey there, I really enjoyed this review, so I nominated for the Book Review of the Week award over at the blog End of Story, Next Book. She asks that people who nominate others let the nominees know about the nomination and invite them to check out the blog and become a follower, so that's what I'm doing! Check it out here:

Crazy Cat Lady

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am really curious about the revisions so will have to look for this one when it comes out Cheryl. :D