August 8, 2010

More Awards !!!!! (2 of 2)

Recently it has been hot and humid in my neck of the woods....but....NO....that's not the reason.  I could even say it is a hot flash...but....NO...not that either.  Its that special feeling you get...warm all over....when someone gives you a great big hug!!!  Well....Vicki from Reading At The Beach just gave me a huge hug in the form of an award.  If you follow this blog, you know what I think about Vicki.  She was one of the first bloggers I reached out to for help when I found this wonderful world of book blogging.  I had never seen the word meme, didn't even know what it was, but Vicki was always there to answer all my questions, even to this day.  I am honored that I can call her "Friend".  If you haven't visited, you don't know what you are missing.  Her reviews are professional,  her postings interesting and her pictures absolutely beautiful.  Take a walk over to her place and say hi!!  This is the award she kindly passed to me:
Now for the criteria:

Pass this on to five great blog neighbors
I define a great blog neighbor as someone that consistently comments on your posts and responds to questions or comments that you have.
This is the hardest part for me, since there are soooo many people that are deserving of this award.  I have been lucky to have received this award in the past and have passed it on so am going to pass it on to 5 more of my neighbors (in no particular order):
PK Reeves from Aisle B
Darlyn from darlyn & books

And this morning, what a great way to wake up, I was presented with this award:
Dizzy C from DizzyC's Little Book Blog, which is a great blog I just found from the Friday Blog Hop, was gracious to pass this on.  I received this award a couple of days ago so I won't bore everyone again.   It amazes me that no matter how many I get,  I get that warm and fuzzy feeling with each one.  What a fantastic feeling knowing that someone really likes my blog.  So thank you Dizzy C.  And if you haven't visited her, you really should.  She has a wonderful blog!!


Carol said...

Ur most welcome Cmash, u have a fab blog!


Aisle B said...

You've definitely made my day! Thank you so much will be posting this event to my little corner of the world on Aisle B! WOW!
Your award wall is growing by the minute and know that it defines your savoir faire in this book blog world. Congrats and well deserved :)

Have a great relaxing Sunday :)

PS Ooops now going to sneak back into the kitchen to check on the French toast. Breaky time with syrup galore. Sweet tooth and that's why I run wall to wall ;P

Gigi Ann said...

Just came by to thank you for considering me for the good neighbor award. It was so kind of you. I will try to get it posted later today. I always enjoy reading your reviews and comments you often leave me. So thanks again for the award, neighbor.

bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Nise' said...

Congratulations on your well deserved awards. I appreciate you passing one on to me. Thank you.

Darlyn said...

Thanks so much Cheryl!And congratulations on the award!

Julie P said...

Very well deserved, Cheryl! Have a wonderful week.....

Hey! E-mail me! I may have a few books for you....