August 1, 2010

Read-A-Thon Sunday Update (2 of 2)

48hr Read-A-Thon hosted by UNPUTDOWNABLES
7:00am EST:
Real life interfered again last night.  Hubby is a non reader, and unfortunately, does not get the concept for a Read-A-Thon lol, and was in a very chatty mood.  I did get some reading done when I went to bed, after he fell sleep, and until I fell asleep.  Plan today: Get some blog to-dos done and to read rest of day.  Will update as the day goes on.
Got a little side tracked today working on computer to-dos.  Read the Sunday Journal Newspaper with my hope that counts.  Got in a few hours of reading this afternoon.  And plan to retreat to my recliner for a few more hours.  Wrap-up tomorrow morning.  Have a good night all!!


Unknown said...

Have a great day Cheryl. Be sure to get some rest in as well : )

Julie P said...

Hope you have a great day, Cheryl! Aren't hubbys so annoying sometimes??? LOL