August 2, 2010

Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up (4 of 4)

48hr Rread-A-Thon hosted by UNPUTDOWNABLES
I finished one book and started another, but am disappointed as to how much I got done.  I have learned and need to remind myself...." not sign up for WEEKEND read-a-thons because the non readers in my house don't get the concept of a Read-A-Thon"  lol.  But when I was able to pick up my book and read, it was fun knowing it was for the Read-A-Thon.  Maybe next time I will do better and reach my goals.  That just didn't happen this weekend.  But thank you to UNPUTDOWNABLES for hosting.


Julie P said...

I totally understand--with my houseful, I don't get a lot done on the weekends either....