August 1, 2010

Slapdash Sunday (1 of 2)

Did you see my posting on Friday regarding the Bestselling Author Vincent Zandri?  Check it out !!!  He has been very busy having been on tour for Moonlight Falls, and his latest novel The Remains and his new Mini Digital, Pathological.  And as busy as he has been, he will be stopping by today and answering your questions or responding to your comments.  So grab a seat, get comfortable and ask away.   Today is the last day we will have him!!!!

Hosted by Kayla at The Eclectic Element
Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?
That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!
  Yesterday I mentioned hosting a 2011 Challenge.  I signed up for many 2010 Challenges thinking that review requests would be far and few between and at the time of signing up, I was a very new public blogger. 
  I had signed up for a 50+ Book Challenge with Reading With Sea, unfortunately, last month she announced that she was deleting her blog.  I signed up for this challenge after signing up for the 100+.  I knew I would never complete the 100+ but felt that I could finish the 50+. 
  I am having so much fun and enjoying every minute of this new world of book blogging and reviewing, and am amazed and pleasantly surprised as to the level my blog has reached.  I think that the next thing I would like to accomplish is hosting a 2011 Challenge, BUT, not sure the how-tos.  Would appreciate any assistance.
  Today for Slapdash Sunday my questions are:

  • Would you be interested in a 50+ Book Challenge?

  • How to make a button/icon with name of challenge, name of blog, and address.

  • How to set up a sign up page (think I know but not sure if I am right)

  • How to set up a "report" page (ditto for above)

  • When and Where to announce to let people know about the challenge

  • Do you know if someone else is doing this challenge (not sure of the blogging etiquette regarding this)

  • Does my blog have enough experience to host a Challenge?
Would love to hear what you think.  Would you be interested in a 50+ Book Challenge?  Do you have any experience in setting one up?  Do you have any advice to give me, and if you do, thank you!!! 


bermudaonion said...

I think the best time to announce a new challenge is toward the end of the year - maybe November. For some reason people are ready to start new challenges with the new year. When you announce it on your blog, the people who sign up will announce it on their blogs and that helps get the word out.

Adaptable Kay said...

I'm probably not the best person to answer your questions since I haven't hosted one of these things either...

Although, I'm sure if you contacted one of the people whose challenge you participated in, they would be glad to help you with details!

Good luck and happy Slapdashing :D

Julie P said...

I am excited to see what you find out regarding all of your challenge hosting questions. Good luck!

Marce said...

I would join, I am new to blogging and had no idea how many books I read a year, I have read 36 so far so now I know.

I want to do a challenge next year also. I suggest asking a host these questions. I would say doing a McLinky is important, I enjoy the little interaction that challenges could bring also.

Good luck, yaay you.

Darlyn said...

I would join too!Announce it at the end of the year maybe Nov or Dec. So we will have a new resolution and I think you will be a great host!