September 28, 2010

I Have Been Tagged (3 of 4)

This is a first for me and seems like fun.  Mandy from Mandy's Escape, which is a new blog I found and so glad I did.  Stop by to see what a great blog she has.  She apparently wants to know more about me so I will answer the following questions, criteria for being tagged, and then I have to tag 4 other bloggers.  I never thought it would be so much fun to be part of this blogging community, when I stumbled onto a book blog around this time last year!!!!  So here goes
 4 Things in my Handbag
*cell phone
*my Dunkin Donuts holder for iced coffee

4 Things in/on my Desk
*my laptop
*my new desk organizer that I reviewed
*my coffee mug

4 Favorite Things in my Bedroom
*my hubby
*picture of my boys when they were toddlers
*brass bed that was a wedding gift from my grandmother
*a Crucifix that was a wedding gift from my hubby's cousin who is a priest

4 Things I Always Wanted to Do (but haven't yet)
*a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise
*a family vacation to Italy
*visit Hawaii
*hire Merry Maids 

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much at the Moment
*spending time with my sons, who live out of state
*not having to do housework per doctor's orders

4 Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head
*thank goodness there are none that are stuck there

4 Things you Don't Know About Me
*in 10th grade, I traveled to Spain and Africa
*in 11th grade, I traveled to Italy
*My first diamond ring was a Christmas present from my father, I was in 2nd grade.
*I am afraid of heights
Now, I will pass this on to: (in no particular order)
*Julie from Reading Without Restraint
*Dolly from Xmas Dolly
*Marce from Tea Time With Marce
Lori from Dollycas's Thoughts



Unknown said...

This is terrific!
I love learning more about you!
I've love a few days of 'doctor's orders!' Just a few days though...

Gigi Ann said...

I like this tag, it is always fun finding out new things about others. You were quite the world traveler when you were younger. How great that was, all those great memories.

Marce said...

I had to smile about the dunkin donut holder, I think that is clever, I have only remembered once to have it with me.

Now can you get those Dr's orders extended, lol

Thanks for tagging me, will do tonight for sure.

Julie P said...

Here are my answers: